JSNU participated in Zijin Award College Student Design Exhibition (Nanjing) China


The first session of Zijin Award College Student Design Exhibition (Nanjing) China was held at Nanjing International Exhibition Center on November 22. This exhibition, guided by China Association of Higher Education, sponsored by Publicity Department, Education Department of Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the CPC, Taiwan (District) Office of the Jiangsu Municipal Government and Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council and organized by Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation, is aimed at showing the creativity of Chinese colleges, advancing cultural communication and improving teaching level.Over 10,000 works were exhibited this time. With the key words of “Parallel and Cross”, JSNU’s students’ work participated to show the concept that design is a process of multidiscipline interaction. With the joint effort of our teachers and students, JSNU won the second prize of Best Display and JSNU student Liu Jia won the third prize of Best Exhibit.This exhibition requires every college to design their own exhibition space and try to considering the characteristics of each discipline with exquisite, calm and reasonable attitude to express profound design concept. While presenting the beauty of design, these items also showed details.