JSNU Alumni (Entrepreneur) Conference Successfully Held


On the afternoon of November 3, JSNU Alumni(Entrepreneur) Conference was held at Conference Room 613 of the school’sScience and Technology Park. Professor Hua Guihong, Secretary of CPC JSNUCommittee attended the meeting. Representatives of outstanding entrepreneuralumni from home and abroad and Personnel Department of JSNU participated inthe conference. Dr. Huang Junwei, Member of the Standing Committee and Vice Presidentof JSNU presided over the meeting.

In a speech at the colloquium, Professor HuaGuihong expressed to the alumni a warm welcome for their attendance and sincerethanks for their concern about alma mater’s development. He introduced theachievements of JSNU in recent years and analyzed the opportunities andchallenges that the school has been facing under the current reform anddevelopment of higher education. He made an expectation of the followingdevelopment vision and a long-term planning of the school, and hoped that thealumni would continue to play the role of a think-tank and the resource pool offeringsuggestions for the development of JSNU. After the speech, the micro-donorplatform of JSNU was launched.

In the discussion and exchange session, JSNUalumni spoke actively and held hot debates around the construction ofhigh-level universities, industry-university-research cooperation and theexchange and cooperation between alumni enterprises and schools. Proud as aJSNUer, everyone lamented the great changes in the school over the years andput forward many constructive suggestions for school’s growth. They haveexpressed their willingness to make continuous contributions to the schoolcause. President Huang fully affirmed the work of alumni associations andthanked all alumni for their concern and support for the construction of JSNU.

This alumni conference is of greatsignificance to further stimulate the interaction and cooperation among alumniand boost deep integration of school-enterprise cooperation.