President Zhou Ruguang meets with Czech Delegation of Commerce and Education


A Czech Delegation of Commerce and Education led by chairman of Czech-Slovak-Chinese Chamber visited JSNU on the afternoon of October 30. Representatives of Foreign Affairs Office of Xuzhou Municipal People’s Government, JSNU International Office, School of Business and School of Physics & Electronic Engineering participated in the talks.

President Zhou Ruguang gave a brief introduction of JSNU and its foreign exchanges and cooperation after a warm welcome to the Czech delegation. President Zhou said that JSNU has established friendly and cooperative relations with dozens of universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Russia and soon. The visit of Czech delegation this time brought a good opportunity for JSNU to further carry out in-depth cooperation with Czech universities.

Mr. NESTÁVAL briefed the Czech-Slovak-Chinese Chamber and pointed out that it played a great role in promoting educational and economic cooperation between the Czech Republic and China. In addition, he particularly learned about foreign students’ admission standards and the English-teaching majors of JSNU. Dean of the School of Business and Economics gave a brief introduction to Mendel University in Brno and expressed his strong desire to develop cooperation with JSNU. Recent cooperation projects to be carried out like the exchange of teachers and students, academic cooperation and short-term summer camps were also discussed on the conference.