JSNU celebrates the Inauguration of Academician Chen Mufa


The inauguration ceremony of Chen Mufa, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, was held at Analysis and Test Center of JSNU on the morning of October 10. Professor Hua Guihong, Party Secretary of the CPC JSNU Committee, Professor Zhou Ruguang, President of JSNU, Professor Miao Zhengke, Vice President of JSNU and Professor Du Zengji, Vice President of JSNU attend the ceremony.

The principals of relevant functional departments, directors of all schools, the supervisors of subordinate scientific research institutions and more than 200 staff and student representatives from the School of Mathematics and Statistics participated in the ceremony, which is presided over by Vice President Miao Zhengke.

Professor Hua delivered a speech at the inauguration ceremony and expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to Professor Chen. He pointed out that in recent years, the school party committee and administrations have always attached great importance to absorbing talents. JSNU has adhered to the party’s management of talents, implementing the strategy of “invigorating the university through talents” and promoted a series of talent policies and measures, with particular emphasis on increasing the introduction and training of high-level talents. The overall level of the teaching staff has improved significantly, but we must also be aware that the shortage of high-end leading talents is the biggest shortcoming of our development. Professor Chen Mufa is a famous mathematician in China. His pioneering research work in mathematics, especially in the field of probability, has promoted the development ofprobability disciplines for decades. The joining of him has injected a strong propellant into JSNU, which is of great significance to improving the university’s reputation, influence and comprehensive strength. It will have a profound impact on the discipline construction, team building and personnel training of JSNU.

All departments of the JSNU and the School of Mathematics and Science should make active cooperation from policies, resources and security, and improve the conditions and service guarantee of the academician studio. JSNU will also take this opportunity to further advance the high-level talent team, to recruit high-level talent in a more flexible and more diverse way, to facilitate training, using, incentive and competitive mechanism that are conducive to the growth of talent. We will do our utmost to provide a first-class working platform to support their career development, and to accelerate the construction process of the university with first-class academic ability, scientific research achievements and technological transformation results.

Professor Zhou issued an official letter of appointment to Professor Chen and wore him the school badge while the student representatives of the School of Mathematics and Statistics presenting flowers to him.

Professor Chen gave a speech at the ceremony. He reviewed his personal growth experienceand expressed his gratitude to JSNU. He said he’s grateful to receive a lot of assistance, concern and support along the way from leaders, colleagues, friendsand so forth. And he’ll turn it into motivation and express gratitude through better performance in work. Setting out as the Dean of the Mathematics Research Institute, he’ll be fully devoted to the Institute with a broader academic and international vision, integrate the resources of relevant science and engineering disciplines and contribute to lifting JSNU.

As the first academician of mathematical sciences in Jiangsu province, Professor Chen’s inauguration presents a new starting point for JSNU to introduce high-level talent and reinforce subject construction. It has strengthened our resolution and confidence to build a world-class university. We believe that the mathematics and related disciplines will certainly make great progress under the leadership of Professor Chen, with the joint efforts of subject teachers and full cooperation of all departments. Thus we can strive for greater academic influence and advance.