“Carbon Dioxide Capture and Efficient Fixation in a Dynamic PorousCoordination Polymer” of Dr. Wu Pengyan published on Nature Communications


Dr. Wu Pengyan, Associate Professor from School of Chemistry & Materials Science has cooperated with Dr. Susumu Kitagawa from Kyoto University and published a research paper named “Carbon Dioxide Capture and Efficient Fixation in a Dynamic PorousCoordination Polymer,” with JSNU as the first unit.

The first author was Dr. Wu Pengyan and the correspondent authors were Associate Professor Wang Jian from JSNU and Dr.Susumu Kitagawa from Kyoto University. This paper was supported by the Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province for Outstanding Youth, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, PAPD and TAPP of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions, JSPS KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Specially Promoted Research, Scientific Research and High-level Research Paper Cultivation Special Fund of Jiangsu Normal University.

“The huge consumption of fossil fuels has resulted in sharply rising levels of anthropogenic CO2 emission, leading to serious linkage problems associated with global warming and climate change.” Therefore, there is a significant meaning in both production and lifefor CO2 efficient conversion into high-value chemicals.

“Porous coordination polymers (PCPs) are apromising class of crystalline porous materials with wide applications,including gas adsorption and storage.” Flexible structures usually have lower thermal stability, therefore, it is still challenging for gas heterogeneous catalysis.

The strategy of Dr. Wu’s teams will open upa new dimension of porous compounds as platforms for determining the gas-loadedcrystal structures and efficient utilization of C1 resources.