JSNU Women Faculty Dance Association 2019 Annual Performance


On the evening of Jun 5, “Fan & Fun,Dance & Youth” JSNU Women Faculty Dance Association 2019 Annual Performancewas held at Ma Ke Concert Hall. Zhou Ruguang, President of JSNU, Ma Zhiyou, Directorof Organization Department, Meng Zhaoxue, Director of Publicity Department andother leaders from related departments attended the performance.

Members of Dance Association from differentdepartments took on a wonderful performance for the audience with the theme offans. Dance “Asking Flowers”, “Rain in Jiangnan”, “Affection of Pear Blossom”, “LotusRain” and “Crape Myrtle” used fans to present various charm ofdances. Among these programs, “Crape Myrtle” was the winner of the first prizeof National Fitness Dance Competition, making the audience feel the confidence,elegance and the spirit of the members.All the performers were staff and faculty from JSNU, most of who started fromscratch for the same interests. Since the establishment, Women Dance Associationhas enrolled more than 100 members. In addition to daily training, the associationorganized its members to take part in National Fitness Dance Competition, JSNU AnniversaryCelebration, Carnival, etc.

The association has won the first prize ofNational Fitness Yangko Competition for three years consecutively. Many membershave won the “Contribution Award of Art Activities.” The association enrichedthe campus cultural life through various and diverse activities, presentingwomen faculty’s intellectual beauty.