Delegation of Salta visited JSNU


Matías Cánepa, Chair of the Salta Parliament of Argentina, Rodolfo Gallo Cornejo, President of Catholic University of Salta led a delegation visited Jiangsu Normal University. Professor Zhou Ruguang, President of JSNU met the delegation on behalf of our university.

Professor Zhou introduced JSNU’s recent talent cultivation, international communication and area studies of JSNU. He pointed out that as the “Belt and Road Initiative” was stretched to the Latin America, Sino-Latin American relations and cooperation faced a new opportunity. At the same time, JSNU had a closer cooperative relation with Latin American colleges. He hoped that with the Chair’s support, JSNU could conduct more substantial cooperation with colleges at Salta in the fields of faculty cultivation, students’ exchange, humanistic exchange and scientific research.

Professor Zhou also sincerely invited the delegation members took part in the 3rd Seminar on “China and LAC: Dialogue between Civilizations” which would be held at our university in this September, making some contribution for two countries’ cultural communication.

Mr. Matías Cánepa spoke highly of JSNU’s orientation and talent cultivation quality and expressed that he would further deepen the friendly cooperation as much as possible.

President of CUS showed his gratitude for our warm reception too. Later, he introduced CUS’s discipline, cultivation and etc. He added that there were more than 80 majors and 26,000 students in CUS. They were all interested in International Chinese Teaching. With their Chinese Study Center, he hoped that two sides could cooperate in the fields of faculty exchange and academic research. He also said that CUS would positively choose teachers and researchers to attend the seminar at JSNU in order to improve the understanding and study of Sino-Latin American Civilization.

Officers and staff of Foreign Office of Xuzhou Municipal People’s Government, JSNU International Office and School of Foreign Studies attended the meeting.