UASD delegation visits JSNU


Roberto Santana, The former president of UASD (Autonomous University of Santo Domingo), and Zhao Rongxian, the former vice director of Department of Latin American and Caribbean Affairs, Chinese Foreign Ministry visited Jiangsu Normal University on the morning of May 13 and were received by Professor Zhou Ruguang, the President of JSNU.

President Zhou welcomed the guests’ arrival and briefly introduced our current situation, international activities, Spanish teaching and the Ibero-America Research Center. He added that by far, JSNU had established friendly relationship with Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad de Alcalá, National University of Lanus and other Spanish-speaking area colleges. The Dominican Republic is an influential nation in Caribbean area. Since our two countries established diplomatic relations on May 1st, 2018, it was the first time of JSNU to meet guests from UASD. He hoped that in the future, our two universities could conduct cooperation in the field of faculty cultivation, students’ exchange and humanistic communication for strengthening our friendships.

President of UASD expressed his gratitude for our warm reception and briefed on the history and discipline construction. He noted that UASD had paid much attention on the communication with Chinese universities and hoped that UASD could have the chance to corporate with JSNU in exchange between research fellows, Spanish teachers and applying for Confucius Institutions. He said that, at present, UASD was preparing for building Pacific Research Center, serving for the economic development of Pacific and Middle-American countries and districts. At the same time, UASD was intended to explore the way to implement the Belt and Road Initiative with JSNU.

President Zhou gave positive response to President Roberto’s idea and agreed to sign the memorandum of understanding.