Nobel Literature Prize Laureate J. M. G Le Clézio in JSNU International Literary Week


Jiangsu Normal University International Literary Week opened on May 17. Nobel Literature Prize Laureate, well-known French author J. M. G Le Clézio, winner of Mao Dun Literature Award, Bi Feiyu, MOE Changjiang Scholar and famous translator, Xu Jun and winner of Lu Xun Literature Award, Liu Qingbang came to Jiangsu Normal University for literary activities including lecture, salon, report and dialogue between authors.

On the morning of May 17, the opening ceremony and the first lecture of JSNU International Literary Week was held at the Meeting Room 202 of Building 16. Winner of Lu Xun Literature Award, Liu Qingbang made a special report named “the Beauty of Details”. Cen Hong, Vice Party Secretary of the CPC JSNU Committee, Meng Zhaoxue, Director of Publicity Department and representatives from School of Chinese Language and Literature attended the ceremony.

The literary salon was held at “Six Clock Meeting” on the afternoon of May 18. Nobel Literature Prize Laureate, well-known French author J. M. G Le Clézio, winner of Mao Dun Literature Award, Bi Feiyu, MOE Changjiang Scholar and famous translator, Xu Jun were invited. Le Clézio answered audience’s questions. First, he made response to his impression of Xuzhou. He spoke highly of Xuzhou’s long history and profound culture. Then, he answered the question “As a thinker, how do you let your thoughts enter literature properly.” He politely said that he was just a writer and was not intended to conclude too many thoughts in his writing. Professor Xu answered the question “How to deal with the cultural context after translating” by saying that only through deeply understanding the relationships between text, the thoughts behind the text and reader’s expectation can one become a qualified translator and reproduce the text originally. Professor Bi shared his opinions when answering the question “How to conduct language teaching in creative writing.” He reminded his own memories, saying that novel language should be considered into breath and tempo. The atmosphere between authors and audience was warm and guests’ splendid answers aroused audience applause and laughter.

Then, literary report was held at Ma Ke Concert Hall on the evening of May 18. Mr. Le Clézio brought his wife attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Director Meng and over 600 representatives attended the report.

Professor Zhou Ruguang addressed a speech. He welcomed the arrival of those guests and expressed his gratitude for Mr. Le Clézio giving our students a chance to feel mater’s broad view and opinions. He hoped that in the future, Mr. Le Clézio could cooperate with JSNU in deeper fields.

Mr. Le Clézio made a report named “Reading and Growth”. He recalled his youth time at the very first, pointing out that it was book that made him engaged in literature and it was the massive reading in libraries gave him rich cultural deposit. He held the view that pure knowledge-based reading let us grasp knowledge while literature-based reading let us be true to ourselves consistently. He listed some famous authors from home and abroad, and spoke highly of Chinese poets Li Bai and Li Shangyin. Mr. Le Clézio hoped that students could read as much as possible.

At last, Professor Bi made comments for Mr. Le Clézio. He expressed his respect to him and praised his contribution in the communication between civilizations.

The aim of JSNU International Literary Weekis to strengthen literature exchange between China and the world and establisha platform for dialogue between the east and the west.