JSNU Held Cultural Exchange Activities for International College Students


On the afternoon of June 11th, JSNU held a cultural exchange activity for international college students in Yarun Hall. More than 400 teachers and students from universities in China and abroad participated in the activity through online communication platform. This event is an online exchange and cultural experience activity between international college students. The activity was jointly organized by JSNU and 9 partner universities around the world, including Tunku Abdul Rahman University in Malaysia, Dortmund University of Technology in Germany, University of Limerick in Ireland, University of West Attica in Greece, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang in North Bangkok, Thailand and Meru University of Technology in Kenya.

The schools introduced their own culture, basic national conditions, local traditions and the characteristics of their universities in English, aiming toguide college students to look to the world in the context of the epidemic, broaden their horizons, enhance the solidarity and friendship of college students around the world, and further promote international cooperation and people-to-people exchanges among universities.

During the performance, the online audience from different countries and regions left comments and interacted frequently. They were attracted by the extensive and profound Chinese culture and the rich university life of JSNU, and expressed their willingness to learn more about the traditional Chinese culture and tostudy and exchange in our school.

JSNU is the second university to hold the cultural exchange activity for international college students after the University of Limerick in Ireland. It is also the first online activity organized by JSNU to spread Chinese culture and show the elegant demeanor of Chinese university students. The activity has received great help and support from the Youth League Committee, Information Office, School of Education Science, School of History, Culture and Tourism, School of Foreign Studies and International College. The design of the activity links and the performance of the program were closely linked. The participants prepared carefully. The content was rich andvaried, and the forms were lively and varied, including PPT explanation, video recording and live performance. The lively atmosphere of the scene showed the elegant demeanor of Chinese students and enhanced the international influenceof JSNU. All the participating students of JSNU explained in English, whichimproved the students’ international communication ability, and showed the modern, three-dimensional and colorful China to the overseas universities. The activity was a great success.