Vice Secretary of Municipal Party Committee Visited the Scientific and Technological Workers in JSNU


With the coming of the fifth “National Science and Technology Workers’ Day”, Xu Dayong, Vice Secretary of Xuzhou Municipal Party Committee, visited the outstanding science and technology workers’ representatives in JSNU, including Professor Zhu Baoxuan from School of Mathematics and Statistics, and extended holiday greetings and best wishes. Hua Guihong, Party Secretary of CPC JSNU Committee, Ma Zhiyou, Member of CPC JSNU Committee and Minister of the Organization Department, and leaders of the Institute of Science and Technology attended the activity.

During the visit, Vice Secretary Xu Dayong had a cordial talk with Professor Zhu Baoxuan, asked him about his research work and life, and encouraged him to make persistent efforts and scale new heights. Vice Secretary Xu pointed out that the improvement of science and technology level depends on talents in the final analysis. Universities should further strengthen their work, clarify the direction and objectives, accelerate the introduction and training of talents, continue to expand and strengthen their distinctive advantages, create a good environment for talent development, and make greater contributions to thehigh-quality development of Xuzhou.

Party Secretary Hua Guihong introduced the policy of talent introduction and the treatment of faculty and staff in detail. Over the years, JSNU has attachedgreat importance to the work of talents, such as continuously strengthening the introduction and training of talents, reforming the management and evaluationof science and technology, optimizing the system environment for thedevelopment of scientific and technological personnel, and providing all-roundlogistics support services for talents.