Schoolof Media, Film and Television


  Schoolof Media, Film and Television offers 3 undergraduate programs: Advertising,Television Broadcasting, and Radio and Television Directing. There are also 5programs for master degree: Drama, Film and Television (Theory and Practice),Drama, Film and Television (TV transmission theory and TV criticism), ArtDesign (advertising creative design), Radio and TV Art, Public Management(Journalism and communication management).

  TheSchool has 38 full-time teachers, including 7 professors, 17 associateprofessors, and 19 of them are PhD holders. The School has employed YangtzeRiver Scholars Professor Hu Zhifeng as guest-professor and recruited a numberof outstanding young scholars with doctoral degrees. Meanwhile, the teachingstaff has been continuously sent abroad for further studies. Altogether, thereare 727 full-time students with the employment rate of undergraduates above95%, and the postgraduate admission rate keeping ahead nationwide.

  TheSchool centers on the teaching work, gradually establishing a practical andinnovative talent cultivating mode guided by the concept of “modern media”. Inrecent years, the school has signed cooperation agreements with more than 20cultural enterprises, a number of medium and advertising corporations, film andtelevision production companies which have joined in the Jiangsu NormalUniversity creative industry park to build a large number of teaching basesbeneficial for undergraduate students’ internship and practice, and graduatecultivation bases. The film and television production center of JSNU, thecampus television stations, and the newspaper New Media have also provided fine conditions to cultivate thestudents’ capabilities.

  Theschool possesses a characteristic professional lab co-founded by central andlocal governments, a teaching base of cultural creative industry co-built bycentral and local governments. The School has also built up Institute ofJournalism and Communication, Institute of Radio and Television Arts,Advertising Institute, Film and Television Production Center, Market Researchand Public Opinion Research Center, Advertising Design and Production Center,Brand Marketing Communication Research Center. All the teaching and researchequipments are worth 15 million RMB. The television production laboratoryfacilities, equipped with high-definition digital movie camera ARRI-ALEXA and acomplete set of post-production system, have taken a leading position in China.

  Inrecent years, the School has undertaken 9 national Social Science Research FundProjects, 16 provincial research projects; and published more than 200 highquality academic papers in professional journals, professional journals inCSSCI list and other core journals. Moreover, the School has received the firstprize of national teaching achievement prizes as a joint member.

  TheSchool is well-known for cultivating students’ ability in innovation, practiceand studies. After graduation, most students are popular and employed in themedia units, the famous advertising agencies, the fortune global 500 and thetop 100 companies of the domestic industry in economically developed cities asShanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, etc. In recent years, students havesuccessively achieved more than 100 prizes, including the first prize ofNational Students DV Competition, the National Golden Calf Awards forAdvertising Competition, the second and third prize of the National Collegestudents Advertising Art Competition, the grand prize of national multimediacourseware, the first place of the National Students’ television work contest,the first prize of national multimedia educational software, and won a numberof first prizes, second prizes, outstanding team awards of provincialgraduation design of undergraduates.


  Thisprogram is the earliest program founded in Jiangsu Province with the mostcomprehensive educational strength, focusing on developing high-level talentsfor integrated marketing communications, advertising and public relationsplanning and creativity, new media communication and operation to meet theurgent demands in advertising, the Internet and other cultural and creativeindustries (these types of talents rank the second place in the demand of allthe liberal arts market). The graduates can get better jobs, development andjob promotion in much broader, advanced marketing and communicating fields.

  Thereare 15 professional teachers, including 3 professors, 6 associate professors, 6instructors, among whom, 4 are PhD holders. Professors and associate professorsfrom other departments are employed to teach some major courses. The strengthof the teaching staff ranks the second place in Jiangsu Province.

  Weoffer two programs: advertising planning and creativity, and new mediaadvertising and design. The students can make a choice after one year. TheSchool actively promotes international cooperation in running schools, and thestudents have access to learning exchanges in well-known universities abroadfor six months or one year. Moreover, we creatively promote “marketdemand-oriented” and “professional competence-oriented” cultivating modes. Thestudents are very competitive in professional development, whose abilities haveexceeded those majoring in advertising from numerous key universities in China.The overall quality of the students’ employment and development are quiteprominent. Meanwhile, we boast an excellent faculty team and outstandingteaching conditions, carry out three-dimensional experimental and practicalteaching as well as classification cultivating mode. The students’ innovationand comprehensive capabilities are very popular among employers.

  Accordingto the graduate employment situation of 2015 released on website: employmentsituation of the domestic advertising ranked No. 2 in 96 literature programs;and ranked No. 1 in 7 news communication programs. The actual employment rate(including postgraduate admission) of advertising programs of this program is100% each year. After graduation, graduates can be employed in variousadvertising corporations, culture media companies, new-media companies as wellas state enterprises and public-institutions and some related institutionsengaged in marketing communication, public relations, network communication,etc. And more than 60% graduates are employed in the first-class advertisingcompanies or well-known enterprises in Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou and some otherfirst or second-level cities. The average annual salary of alumni who have graduated for more than 5 years reachesmore than 120,000 RMB each year, and the employment prospects of them rank No.2 among graduates of JSNU.

Television Broadcasting

  Thisprogram has a long history and boasts a high quality in teaching, scientificresearch, personnel cultivating, etc. It focuses on cultivating practical andinnovative talents of news transmission, media planning and creation, new mediamanagement to meet the urgent demands from newspapers, television, radio andthe Internet industry in the new media era. The talents can adapt to thedemands of social development and employment demand, mainly engaged in editingand reporting, management, administration and other work in traditional mediaand new media, as well as media application work in government agencies, stateenterprises and public institutions. They enjoy a wide vision for career developmentand promotion.

  Wehave 10 professional teachers, including 1 professor, 6 associate professors, 2instructors; teachers under age of 50 years are either PhD candidates or PhDholders (7 teachers); nearly half teachers have working experiences in theindustry of newspaper, television, etc.; this program currently has achievedfour National Social Science Fund Projects, ranking at the first place amongprovince-wide counterparts. The program has a reasonable teaching structure andthe comprehensive strength takes the lead among all the news departments ofJiangsu province.

  In terms of cultivating characteristics,what we carry out are as follows:

  1. Classified cultivation andstratifieddevelopment. Based on students’ intention and career planning, classifiedinstruction and cultivation will be carried out to cultivate academic andapplied talents.

  2. A combination of theory and practice.While learning professional knowledge and concepts in the classroom, thestudents grasp qualified vocational skills through different types ofextracurricular practice (media probation, industry cultivating and graduationinternship).

  3. An integration with the society toimprove the students’ comprehensive abilities. Under the premise of “widecaliber, solid foundation”, this program makes full use of clubs, organizationsand media platforms to cultivate and stimulate students’ practical andinnovative ability. Activities like interview, edition, plan and production areencouraged to develop the students’ professional qualities, comprehensive andinnovative ability to meet the requirements of media and society. The studentswill enjoy a brighter employment prospect.

  Studentsgraduation prospects mainly involve:

  1.Furtherstudies. There is an increase in the number of academic students who furthertheir studies in well-known universities. In recent five years, the rate ofpostgraduate admission has reached 35%.

  2.Mediaemployment. The employment figure of new media (Government websites, newspapersites, corporate sites, etc.) rises year by year, which compensates for thedecrease of employment in traditional media and newspaper, TV station and radiostation.

  3.Somestudents are employed in civil service system as well as other governmententerprises and institutions. They have a positive promotion and high-salaryprospect after the initial employment.

The radio and TV directing

  Thisprogram cultivates radio and television professionals possessing both technicaland artistic qualities. The teaching focuses on cultivating students’ deepcultural awareness, solid film and television production skills and strongpractical ability. Students can master the skills and techniques of film andtelevision, and are capable of operating independently in gathering, editing,broadcasting and other sectors.

  Thereare 14 professional teachers, including 3 professors, 3 associate professors, 7instructors, and 6 of them have doctoral degree. Professors or associateprofessors from other departments are also invited to teach some professionalcourses. With teachers in various disciplines, we have a qualified teachingfaculty.

  Thisprogram places priority on developing students’ knowledge and ability tocultivate the students’ ability to learn and practice. The school implements asystematic teaching of major courses and multi-level practice cultivation. Onthe one hand, the program attaches much importance to professional qualityteaching; on the other hand, it establishes the relations of cooperativecultivation and educating exchanges with universities in the United States,Taiwan, etc.; it carries out programs of exchange students and teachers as wellas academic cooperation.

  Nearly35% students are admitted as postgraduates in areas of Theatre, Film &Television, Art, Journalism and so on. Some students further their studies inkey universities sponsored by Project 985 and Project 211 which financiallysupport an elite group of Chinese universities while some further their studiesin the United States, Britain and other countries. As cooperation with theUnited States and Taiwan is increasingly deep, the number of overseas studentswill continuously rise. On the other hand, students of this program can go tovarious types of TV stations, advertising corporations, culture media companiesand new media companies as well as state enterprises and public institutions toengage in media promotion. They possess a wide employment range and numerousemployment prospects.


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