School of Geodesy and Geomatics


  School of Geodesy and Geomatics is theearliest department in the engineering field in JSNU. Its Geomatics Engineeringand Remote Sensing Science and Technology are two disciplines accredited asbeing outstanding on a provincial level. It has a provincial-levelDemonstration Center for Educational Practice and a key laboratory supportedjointly by the local government and the central government. Its staff haveundertaken 11 projects on the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

  Graduates and undergraduates in thisschool amount to about 600. For graduates, the school offers two programs, Geomatics Science andTechnology, and Land Resources Management. For undergraduates, the schooloffers Geomatics Engineering, Land Resources Management and Remote SensingScience and Technology.

  The faculty of 48 members include 8professors, 20 associate professors, 3 PhD tutors and 14 master instructors. 29teachers are doctoral degree holders, accounting for 60% of the faculty. Someof them are awarded the honor of Jiangsu Provincial Young Experts withOutstanding Contributions. there have been many national, provincial scienceand technology progress awards for this department. There are 11 NationalNatural Science Foundations of China. They have published over 400 researchpapers and over 20 monographs and textbooks.

  Ithas the Experiment and Teaching Center equipped with over 300 sets of modernequipment, including the software platforms such as Geographic informationsystems, remote sensing, photogrammetry image processing. Its Geomatics and GeoinformaticEngineering Laboratory is a key lab supported jointly by the local governmentand the central government. The Experiment and Teaching Center of Geomatics andGeoinformation Technology is a provincial-level Experimental TeachingDemonstration Center of Jiangsu province..

Geomatics Engineering

  Thisprogram prepares students with professional ethics, expertise in geomatics engineering,practical ability and innovative awareness. It aims to cultivate students to bequalified for production, research and management in the sectors of landadministration and planning, engineering construction, development and managementof mineral resources. Students trained in this program are qualified for workin in the fields of urban construction, transportation, agriculture, forestry,water conservancy, electricity, real estate development and management,planning and survey design, resource management and survey, large ormedium-sized Geomatics enterprises.

  Thefaculty for this program comprises 18 professors and associate professors, ofwhom 80% are doctoral degree holders.

Land Resource Management

  Thisprogram aims to cultivate students into interdisciplinary talents capable ofjobs in land survey and evaluation, real estate valuation, land planning,cadastral mapping and management, real estate development and management. Itprepares students with abilities in land survey analysis and planning, landpolicy, cadastral management, mapping and real estate valuation. Students aretrained to be qualified in fields of land and resources administration andplanning, real estate appraisal institutions, urban planning and designinstitutions, real estate brokers and other relevant institutions.

  Thefaculty for this program comprises four professors five associate professors,of whom 80% are doctoral degree holders.

Remote Sensing Science and Technology

  Thisprogram aims to cultivate students into the senior specialized personnel capableof jobs in remote sensing image processing development, application systems andsystem integration and application development in fields of urban planning,agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, electricity, transportation,military, geology, mapping, environment, marine and other relevant areas. Theschool prepares students with a good mastery of basic theories, knowledge andskills of surveying, photogrammetry and remote sensing information engineering.Students are trained to be qualified in fields of urban planning, land resourcessurvey, land exploitation, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy,electricity, transportation, military, geology, mapping, environment andmarine.

  Thefaculty for this program comprises three professors, five associate professorsand six lecturers, of whom 80% are doctoral degree holders.

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