Schoolof Urban and Environmental Sciences


  TheSchool of Urban and Environmental Sciences (the former History and Geography Department)was established in 1956. It gained the present name in December 2002. In 2015,the school began to offer programs of Geographical Sciences (teacher training),Geographic Information Science, Gardening, and Urban and Rural Planning forundergraduates. The school also offers master’s programs (for academic degree) inGeography, Applied Economics, and Economics of Population, Resources andEnvironment and master’s program (for professional degree) in Geography.

  Theschool has 47 full-time teachers, including 11 professors, 17 associateprofessors, 29 teachers with a doctor’s degree. There are 180 masters and morethan 830 undergraduates.

  Ithas two provincial-level experimental teaching centers and two provincial-levelresearch bases. It is a membership unit of the Technical Committee for Urbanand Rural Planning Standardization under the Ministry of Housing andUrban-Rural Development of P. R. China. It has 12 bases for practice andinternship.

  Guidedby the concept of improving teaching through practice and innovation, theschool pays great attention to students’ ability and quality. To implement thepolicy that emphasizes both theory learning and practical activities, itorganizes students to couduct their fieldwork on their subjects in LushanMountain, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Lianyungang. The values the developmentof every student and arranges for each a mentor to help with their innovativeand undergraduate training, career planning, training practice, andinternational exchanges and joint training activities.Inrecent 3 years, the undergraduates gained three awards of the ChallengeCup National Competition of Extracurricular Academic and Technologic Work,two first prizes in Students' Teaching Contest of Jiangsu Province, one firstprized in the Fourth Humanities and Social Sciences Knowledge Contest ofJiangsu Province for students majoring in science and engineering. The undergraduatespublished more than 50 research papers.

Geographical Sciences (teacher training)

  Theprogram takes four years. It prepares students with a good mastery of basic theories,knowledge, basic skills, and teaching abilities to adapt to the developmentneeds of modern geography teaching. In addition, the program attaches greatimportance to the development of students’ innovative spirit and strongpractical ability for them to cater to market economy. The students in this programwill also be cultivated to become persons highly qualified in fields of resourcedevelopment and management, environmental management and planning, economicmanagement, urban development, policy research. Another purpose of this programis to train its undergraduates to be highly qualified secondary schooleducators with good professional ethics, theories in modern geographicalscience and theories in education.

  Thereare fourteen teachers for this program including ten professors and associateprofessors, seven teachers with doctor’s degree and four teachers with theexperience of study or learning abroad.

Geographic Information Science

  Theprogram takes four year. It prepares students with a good mastery of the basicknowledge in geography and of GIS theories, knowledge and skills. The studentswill undergo rigorous scientific thinking training and good professional skillstraining, so that they will be qualified for research institutions, enterprisesand government departments with their knowledge and skills in geographicinformation science, education, development and application in teaching. The programoffers subjects of geography, computer science and technology, remote sensingin areas are GIS theory and applications of remote sensing science andtechnology, physical geography, human geography, spatial databases, satellitenavigation and positioning principles and applications.

  Thereare ten teachers teaching in this program including five professors and associateprofessors, seven teachers with doctor’s degree and six teachers with theexperience of study or learning abroad.

Urban and Rural Planning

  Theprogram takes five years. The program is to cultivate senior planners with agood mastery of knowledge, theories and skills in urban science and urban andrural planning. It will prepare students to be qualified for agencies of urbanand rural planning, government departments, research and educationalinstitutions on jobs related to planning, design, development and management,research and education. The school offers subjects in urban and rural planningand courses in regional urban and rural development, urban planning theory,urban and spatial planning, urban and rural special program planning, urbandesign, urban and rural construction and management, urban planning regulationsand technical standards.

  Thereare 13 teachers teaching for the program including 9 professors and associateprofessors, six teachers with doctor’s degree and 6 teachers with theexperience of study or learning abroad.


  Theprogram takes four years. The goal of this program is to cultivate the seniorprofessions capable of doing jobs in planning, designing and constructing scenicareas, forest parks, urban green space in the municipal, gardens, agricultureand forestry sectors and flower business. They will also be qualified onbreeding cultivation, conservation and management of the landscape plants withthe knowledge in ecology, garden plants and ornamental horticulture, landscapeplanning and design. The school offers subjects in landscape architecture,urban planning, architecture, and forestry courses in green space planning,landscape design, landscape architecture, landscape engineering, landscapetrees, landscape flowers, landscape plants landscaping, garden history,ecology, ecological landscape planning.

  Thereare ten teachers for this program including four professors and associateprofessors, five teachers with doctor’s degree and six teachers with theexperience of study or learning abroad.

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