Collegeof Teacher Education


  The College of Teacher Education wasestablished in September 2012. The responsibilities of College of TeacherEducation are as follows: improve the teaching skill of the student major inthe teacher education; cultivate the Education Graduate; conduct teacherin-service training in basic education; commit to the development and reform ofTeacher Education.

  The college employs approximately 31faculty and staff members, including 7 professors, 9 associate professors and 9Doctors .Some of the teachers won a national reputation for their profoundacademic knowledge. It has a current enrollment of 1035 full-timeundergraduates. Students major in 10 teacher education majors includingChinese, mathematics, etc. will receive 1.5-year teaching skill training. Thecollege lays emphasis on the expertise of discipline and teacher education andis dedicated to prepare quality teachers who will meet the requirement of basiceducation. Many of our students have won prizes in all kinds of teaching skillcompetitions .After graduated from school, they will continue their studies inhigh-level school or work in middle schools.