School of Physics andElectrical Engineering


  Founded in 1958, our school is one of the oldest schools in JSNU, with ahistory and a cultural accumulation of over 50 years.

  We have 4 undergraduate programs of Physics (teacher-training), Electronicand Information Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering; 5 professional masterprograms of Theoretical Physics, Optics, Optical Engineering, Curriculum and TeachingTheory (Physical) and Engineering Linguistics (jointly-built); 1 master pointof Physics Education. There are 650 undergraduates and 66 postgraduates in ourschool. The faculties are high-qualified and well-structured. Now our schoolboasts 85 teaching staff with 15 professors and 31associate professors.

  In recent years, our school undertook 31 research projectslaunched by the Chinese government. We have publishedmore than 1,000 papers in SCI or EI list journals like Nature Communications, PNAS, Physical ReviewLetters, Nano Letters and Optics Express.

  The school teaching and scientific researchlaboratory, about 10,000 m2, is equipped with dozens of largeadvanced facilities. Now there is 1 provincial key laboratory, 1 provincialexperimental teaching demonstration center, 1 co-construction laboratory supportedby central government and local university, 5 projects specially funded bycentral finance, 3 municipal –level engineering technology research centers, 3municipal-level key laboratories, 1 university-level laboratory, 4 university-levelkey research institutions, 6 school-level research institutions.

Undergraduate Programs& Faculties


  This program provides 2.5+1.5new model for catering to the requirement of teacher-training education. Thismodel aims to strengthen the education of basic teaching skills, improvestudents' professional skills and quality and strengthen their employmentcompetitiveness.

  This program has more than 20 professors andassociate professors. Among the teachers, 95% have a doctoral degree.

  The main courses include advanced mathematics, mechanics, thermodynamics,electromagnetism and optics, atomic physics, mathematical physics method,electro-techniques, theoretical mechanics, electricity dynamics, thermodynamicsand statistical physics and quantum mechanics.

Electronicand Information Engineering

  This program aims to cultivate the high-endtalents who can master modern electronic technology theories, electronic systemdesign theories and methods and have good applied ability in the fields ofcomputer and foreign language and relative engineering technology. Also, theycan follow up on the new theories, new knowledge and technology in the field oftheir expertise.

  This program has more than ten professorsand associate professors. Among the teachers, 60% have a doctoral degree.

  The main courses include advancedmathematics, university physics, circuit analysis, signals and systems, analogcircuit, digital circuit, computer program design (VC++), microcomputerprinciple, electronic design automation, digital signal processing, datacommunication and computer network, the principle and application ofsingle-chip microcomputer, automatic control principle and communicationprinciple.

ElectronicScience and Technology

  This program aims to cultivate our studentsbecome talents with good morality and humanistic quality. It provides them withnatural and scientific fundament about electronic science and technology andsystematic professional knowledge as well as the engineering practical ability.Also, this program will train them to be good at foreign language and haveinnovative mind. Besides, they shall be able to follow up on the new theories,new knowledge and technology about their professional field.

  This program has more than ten professorsand associate professors. Our full-time teachers have first-class domesticuniversities' master and doctoral degree or they once studied abroad.

  The main courses include circuit analysis,analog circuit, digital circuit, signal and system, microcomputer principle,vocational education psychology, vocational and technical education, electronicmeasurement, the principle and application of single-chip microcomputer andCPLD/FPGA system design, computer programming (VC++), communication principle,and high frequency electronic circuit.

Optoelectronic Information Science andEngineering

  This program aims to train our students tobe the comprehensive applied talents with firm theoretical fundament, basicknowledge and skills, scientific adaptability and strong innovative ability whocan work in the field like scientific and research institutes, governmentunits, factories and mines, engineering technology and production managementdepartments.

  This program has more than 20 professors andassociate professors. Among the full-time teachers, 95% have a doctoral degree.

  The main courses include the method ofmathematical physics, optics, electromagnetic field theory, basic opticalexperiment, signal and system, electronic circuit design and technology,computer programming (VC++), physical optics, applied optics, optical designprinciple and technology, laser, optical fiber communication, photoelectricdetection technology, and photoelectric technology comprehensive experiment.

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