School of History,Culture and Tourism


  School of History, Culture and Tourism offers 3 programs, namely,History (1978), Tourist Management (2002) and Culture Industry Management(2007). It offers 3 first-level Master’s programs in history, namely History ofChina, World History and Archeology, and 3 Master’s programs, namely SubjectTeaching (History), Master of Education and Master of Public Administration inTourism. The school hastwo provincial key disciplines: History of China and World History. It has 7academic research centers, namely Theory Study Center for Overseas ChineseAffairs (State Council, Jiangsu Province), Research Center for Strategic andInternational Studies in universities of Jiangsu Province----Pakistan ResearchCenter and Australian Research Center (fostering), etc. The school is the national training center for excellent talents intourism and hotel industry. Achievements made by students in this school includemore than 20 innovation projects launched by Chinese Government.

  The number of faculty and staff in this school totals 46, including 13professors, 13 associate professors, 24 of whom have doctoral degree, 22 ofwhom are supervisors of master’s degree candidates, 9 of whom are appointed asvice chairmen and standing directors of national associations.

  More than 200 students were enrolled by key universities. Manystudents become top level teachers, doctoral supervisor of key universities, seniormanagement talents of brand hotels and scenic areas and backbones of cultureindustry management, heads of universities both inside and outside province,academic foregoers and key leaders.

History (Teacher-training)

  This program aims to train students to become history teachers inkey schools, universities and colleges. It also intends to shape students intointerdisciplinary talents dealing with museum. Students are expected to beteachers in middle schools, higher vocational colleges and universities, or tobe workers of museum and civil servants.

  History was one of National Characteristic Disciplines. In 2014, thecomprehensive strength of History (normal direction) ranks 36th inChina, and World History ranks 19th.

Tourist Management

  This program provides students with theories of modern managementand professional knowledge of systematic tourist management. Students areoffered trainings of career plans, internship practices and internationalexchanges. It intends to shape students into interdisciplinary talents withinnovative capabilities. Students are expected to work in tourist enterprises andacademic institutions engaged in managing, planning, consulting, teaching andresearching, etc. Students won warm welcome from tourist enterprises with broadprospects.

  In 2009, Tourist Management was awarded “Training Base for ExcellentTalents of National Tourism and Hotel Industry” by Education Department ofChina.

Culture IndustryManagement

  This program intends to shape students into interdisciplinarytalents with broad cultural vision, great cultural competence, keen marketawareness and solid job skills. Students are expected to work in cultural departmentsof local government, public institutions, or to be planners of cultural enterprisesengaged in managing cultural market, planning cultural project, developing culturalproduct and creating cultural activities.

  The comprehensive strength of this program enjoys a high reputationin China. The Joint Conference of National Cultural Management DisciplineConstruction was host in this school. It built internship employment bases withnational renowned cultural enterprises and signed an agreement of academicexchange and cooperation with overseas famous universities like Yuan ZeUniversity where selected excellent students have a short-term learning everyyear.


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