CW Chu College


  CW Chu College provides “elite education” foroutstanding undergraduates in the context of education popularization. The foureducation orientations, including the students’ moral development, goodhumanities, scientific and technological innovation ability and leadershipskill, will unlock their potential and be a man with personality as well asglobal vision.

President’s experimental classes

  Thecollege adopts personalized programs which allow students to choose their ownmajor. The “1 + 3” model divides students into liberal arts and science fieldsin freshman year, and later, they will choose majors with the help of adviser.The college aims to foster talents with good humanity spirit, profoundknowledge on human culture and world civilization and ability to work or studyin various fields. After graduated from school, some of our students go to high-levelgraduate school or study abroad. The college prepares graduates who will workin the area of scientific research institutes, higher education institutions,enterprises or government offices.

Teacher education classes

  This program preparesskillful teachers. Our students are expected to be good character, strongcapability with wide interests and rich knowledge.

  CW Chu College implements special talenttraining scheme. On the one hand, it enjoys special treatment in teaching stuffallocation, financial support, hardware investment, etc. For instance, studentswill be guided by his own adviser with high title or PhD degree, study inquality independent classroom, and live in independent area; on the other hand,the students will enjoy preferential programs in learning and technologicalinnovation, such as solely funding to innovation achievements and high-levelcompetition; all kinds of awards, exempt from admission exam to get a master'sdegree, preferential policies in research project and academic competitions; morelearning exchange opportunities between home and abroad. In recent years, 50 %of the students have visited or studied in universities in America, England,Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

  The past four years have witnessed thegreat achievements our students made: the CET pass rate is 100%; the number ofstudents participate in the innovation project at national and provincial levelare 56 and 76 respectively, occupying 42% and 67% of the total student number,over 40 papers are published in domestic and international journals, 7 of themare included in SCI; In recent years, our students havecollected awards in a wide range of competitions ,including first prize in Mathematical ContestIn Modeling, “Challenge Cup” National University Student ExtracurricularAcademic Science and Technology Work Competition, The Chinese MathematicsCompetitions, National English Competition for College Students and many otherhigh-level international and domestic competitions.


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