School of Linguistic Sciences


  Language Cognitive and Neural EngineeringLaboratory is a key liberal arts laboratory in Jiangsu province

  Professor Yang Yiming is thefirst and only Yangtze River Scholars Distinguished Professor in Linguisticsand Applied Linguistics.

  Over 20 scientific research projects were approvedby National Social Science fund and National Natural Science Fund.

  First prize in Humanities and SocialSciences Research of Ministry of Education

  First prize in Higher Education Teaching ofMinistry of Education

  Second prize of Chinese Society Academic Degreesand Graduate Education

  Teachers Language won the national excellent resource sharing project.

  Language Training is the teaching material in the national Twelfth FiveYear Plan and the Jiangsu provincial key materials

  The magazine Language Science sponsored by the collegeis included in the three core databases. It's the first batch of journals fundedby the national philosophy and Social Sciences Office, which won excellent appraisal for two consecutive years .

  The college was established in 2008. It hasan independent and complete teaching building covering 5,000 square meters and isequipped with world-class Monomer laboratory. The college has 29 full-time faculties,among whom there’re 5 professors, 11 associate professors, over 75% of themhave doctoral degrees and over 70 % have an experience of overseas study andresearch. We focus on building an “outstanding, pluralistic and internationalcollege”. In the pursuit of the goal, we have made great achievement in thefrontier disciplines and interdisciplinary construction. The college hasprograms on Neurolinguistics, Engineering Linguistic, Theoretical Linguistics, BroadcastingLinguistics. We lay emphasis on language ontology research and giveconsideration to the promotion of research findings. The College enjoys internationalreputation for its professional linguistics education.

ChineseInternational Education

  The program contains courses to improve thestudents' Chinese and linguistic knowledge, cultural quality and theirlistening, speaking, reading and writing skill of English. With a feature ofBilingual Teaching, it aims to nurture talents who will be able to engage inworks such as teaching Chinese as a foreign language, cross-culturalcommunication and other language related works. Our graduates works in theareas of Chinese language internationalization promotion, education, NewsPublishing, foreign affairs, foreign trade, cultural exchanges and some otherinstitutions where Chinese and foreign language skills are needed.

  We have 1 Yangtze River Scholars DistinguishedProfessor, 1 Yangtze River Scholars Chair Professor and 1 DistinguishedProfessor of Jiangsu Province. Over 75% of the full-time teachers have doctoraldegrees and over 70 % of teachers have overseas study experience, among whom 4of them have oversea Ph.D. degrees. The program advocates the internationalforefront teaching ideas, advanced teaching methods and adopts interactive,case-based, participatory and scene-mode classes while paying attention topractice. There are 6 Foreign Language expertise bases established for bettereducation .


Broadcastingand Hosting

  The School of Linguistic Sciences is thesecond institute entitled to recruit broadcasting linguistic graduate followingCommunication University of China and has the first master degree program ofsign language broadcasting. The art undergraduates of broadcasting and hostingwill study for 4 years and then will obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree. Thecollege offers courses including Chinese Language and Literature, Journalismand Communication, Drama and Film Studies, etc. Our students will engage in wor0ssuch as broadcasting, hosting and news dissemination in media unites like radioand television.The program has 10 professors and associate professors.

  We have a Hosting and BroadcastingEducation Committee and its member includes: Professor Yang Yiming --the only“Yangtse River Scholar” specialized in linguistics; Fang Ming—the director ofbroadcasting in Central People's Broadcasting Station and the president ofChina Broadcasting Science Research; Lu Jing--Professor of CommunicationUniversity of China and the anchor of the CCTV “News Network”;1Ju Ping--the host of Youth and Children of CCTV; Zhao Hongtao—host of CCTV and “Traditional Chinese Medicine”.


  Tel: 0516-83403495