School of Chinese Language and Literature


  With a history of over 50 years, the School of Chinese Language andLiterature has profoundcultural accumulation. The college provides 3 undergraduate majors: Chineselanguage and literature, Chinese language, Secretarial. It has a currentenrollment of 1110 undergraduates and 314 graduates and employs approximately83 staff, including 1 distinguished professor, 4 doctoral supervisors, 26professors, 32 associate professors and 55 Dr. (including in reading doctor).Recently we have lead over 30 national research projects, over 60 provincialand ministerial research projects, 40 of which has won awards at or above theprovincial and ministerial level.

  The college aims to foster creative talentswith solid foundation, broad vision and specialty. We advocate a campus lifethat is quality, academy-oriented and humanistic. Clubs with rich culturalconnotation are available in the college such as “Pathway under the Peach Tree”literature club, “thunderstorm” drama club, “midnight study” club. Also, we canfind activities catering to all-around education, including New-Talent Contest,Short Essay Contest, Debate, Reading festival. Our Classical poetry recitationand singing has performed in Taiwan for cultural exchange many times. Thecollege dedicates to cultivate talents with good humanity spirit, profoundknowledge, strong practice skill and social adaptation.

ChineseLanguage and Literature (Teacher education)

  The program prepares students who willgrasp the basic theory, knowledge and skill of Chinese Language and Literature aswell as that of the teacher education. With systematic training, they’reexpected to be talents with profound Chinese study knowledge, literacybackground and global vision. The college offer courses that intends tofostering students who will be able to analysis literature works, appreciateaesthetics and express fluently. Our graduate works as language teachers orspecialized personnel in the field of Chinese language and literature study,language teaching research and teaching management. The college provides coursesincluding Introduction to Literature, Chinese Ancient literature, Modern Chineseliterature, Foreign Literature, Linguistics, Ancient Chinese, Modern Chineseand Writing.

ChineseLanguage and Literature

  The program lays an emphasis on the understanding ofChinese language, application ability cultivation and Chinese literatureinterpretation. The student will systematically learn the Chinese language knowledge,the Chinese literature, linguistic theory, the development history of thelanguage, related researches, etc. They will be able to carry out researches onthe Chinese language and Chinese literature. Their reading, writing and oralcommunication skills will be improved, especially the writing and appreciationability of literature and non- literature works.

  The college providescourses includes Introduction to Literature, Chinese Ancient Literature(including history of Chinese literature, Selected Works from Chinese ancientliterature), Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature (including ChineseModern and Contemporary Literature, Selected Modern and Contemporary Chinese LiteraryWorks), Foreign Literature, Linguistics, Ancient Chinese, Modern Chinese and Writing.


  Chinese Language covers the history,current situation, and internal rule of the Han language. The students willstudy the Chinese pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, writing, rhetoric systematically.The college intends to cultivate talents who will grasp the basic theory andknowledge of the language. The college provides courses including Introductionto Linguistics, Ancient Chinese language, Modern Chinese Language, Chinese LanguageHistory, Theoretical Linguistics, Chinese Literature, syntax, Semantics, Pragmatics, Philology. Ourstudents will engage in jobs such as doing research, teaching or other Chineselanguage related jobs.


  Secretarial Science covers the secretary(individual), secretary organization (group), their related works and the ruleof Secretarial Science's development. The major is application-oriented. We focuson strengthening the students’ writing skill and require the student to have abasic knowledge of literacy, management, economics, sociology and law, comprehendthe secretarial science, records science, archives and other skills tostrengthen their character processing capabilities. The students will be able towrite various standard texts and operate office automation software skillfully.

  Our graduates will engage in works such asoffice management, public relations, Handling of Letters and Calls ofComplaints, news publicity, conference management, property management,entourage transactions, word processing and file management, etc. The workingfields include academic research, cultural causes, business or governmentalorganizations, etc. The program provides courses including Basic Writing, ModernChinese, Secretary Writing, Introduction to Secretary Science,Secretary's Practice, Archive Management Science, Administration Scienceand Public Relations.


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