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Categories of students andqualifications.

 Categories of students



Short-term students

High school graduates, 16-55 years old, healthy.

1week-3 months

General advanced students

High school graduates, 18-55 years old, healthy.

1-2 years

Senior advanced students

High school graduates, 18-55 years old, healthy.

1-2 years


High school graduates, certificate of high school education, relevant Chinese

4 years


Healthy, certificate of Bachelor’s degree, relevant Chinese level

2-3 years

Curricula and Activities set-up

  1. Short-term trainingprograms(1 week-3 months):

  1) Chinese language: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Studies of ChineseWriters and Their Works, Commercial Chinese, etc.  

  2) Cultural course: Chinese Economy, Chinese History, Chinese Social System,Traditional Chinese Music, Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Chinese Cooking,Chinese Folkways, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Law, Appreciation of ChineseFilms, Appreciation of Chinese Dramas, History of the Republic of China,etc.  

  3) Different classes: for beginners, elementary, middle and advanced classesare arranged according to different Chinese language levels of the students.Right teaching materials and methods are used for different classes. Studentshave 20 class-hours a week. From Monday to Friday, they have classes in themorning, review and prepare their lessons, or learn wushu, qigong or taijiquan,etc in the afternoon. Local visits to scenic spots or historical sites arearranged at weekends for students to learn about history and culture of Xuzhou.Movies, video programs, and cultural performances are also available. Studentsare able to visit Nanjing, Zhengzhou, kaifeng, Qufu, Mount Tai, Qingdao,Yantai, Yangzhou, Suzhou, Lianyungang, which are not far from Xuzhou.

  2. Programs for advanced studies(1-2 years):

  1) Elementary class: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing,etc;  

   2) Intermediate class: Listening, Speaking, Grammar, Intermediate ChineseLanguage, Intermediate Reading, Newspaper and Periodical Reading,etc;  

  3) Advanced class: Advanced Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Newspaperand Periodical Reading, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature. Another tenor so selective majors and cultural courses are set for the advanced studiesprograms;  

  4) There are 20 class-hours per week.3. Degree programs

  (2-4 years):Chinese Language and Literature (teacher-training)

Chinese Language and Literature

Chinese Language

Secretarial Science

International Education ofChinese

Social Work

Ideology and Politics Education(teacher-training)

Law (including internationalcommerce and trade law)


Public Enterprise Management

History (teacher-training)

Tourism Management

Cultural Industry Management

English (teacher-training)

English (Business English)

English (Marketing English)





Information and ComputationScience

Physics (teacher-training)

Electronic InformationEngineering

Electronic InformationEngineering

Optoelectronic InformationScience and Engineering

Chemistry (Chemistry Education)

Applied Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Engineering

Environment Engineering

Bioscience (teacher-training)


Manufacturing Engineering(Bio-pharmacy)

Animal Science

Geographical Science(teacher-training)


Environmental Science (EnvironmentalPlanning and Management)

Landscape Architecture (LandscapeDesign)


Urban and Rural Planning

Computer Science and Technology(IOT Technologies)

Software Engineering

Computer Science and Technology(IOT Technologies)


Radio& Television Studies

Radio & Television Editing& Directing

Pedagogy (Elementary education)(teacher-training)

Preschool Education(teacher-training)

Applied Psychology

Educational Technology(teacher-training)

International Economy and Trade

Financial Engineering



Trade Economy

Financial Management


Logistics Management

Physical Education(teacher-training)

Traditional nation sports

Sporting training

Musicology (teacher-training)

Music Performance


Chinese Painting

Oil Painting

Fine Arts

Visual Communication Design

Environment Design

Geomatics Engineering

Remote Sensing Science andTechnology

Land Resources Management

Mechanical Design Manufacture andAutomation

Mechanical Design Manufacture andAutomation Major (teacher-training)

Mechanical Design Manufacture andAutomation Major (high-speed train engineering)

Industrial Design

Electrical Engineering andAutomation


Measurement & ControlTechnology and Instrumentation

Rail Transit Signaling andControl

  4. Tuition (in Chinese Yuan )





Registration fee

200¥per time

Only the new students should be charged. Others are free of this.

Tuition fee

Short-term language courses

700¥per week

Charge by week, term or year. No refund will be made after the first week of the new term.

Language students

6250¥per term

Language students

12500¥per year


14000¥per year


16000¥per year


Building One

Single room

5000¥per term

Charge by term. No refund will be made after the first week of the new term. Extra fees should be paid for vacations according to actual days of living. Standard: Building One, single room 40¥per day, double-bedroom 25¥per day, Building Two, single room 35¥per day, double-bedroom 20¥per day.

Double room

3150¥per term

Building Two

Single room

4400¥per term

Double room

2500¥per term

Bedding materials fee

430¥per time

Two pillowcases,two sheets,two quilt covers, one pillow inner,two quilt batts,one packing case. They can be individual possessions after purchase.


200¥per term

Insurance should be paid according to the regulation of Insurance Company, including accidental death of 300 thousand yuan at most, accidental injury of 30 thousand yuan at most. The specific payment is subject to insurance regulations.

350¥per year



Including the key to dormitory, keycard to the dormitory building and some possible transport costs for the staff coming to open the door during break hours as students carelessly leave the key inside the door.

Water & electricity fee

free water

free electricity of 200 units per person every month.

The extra payment is subject to the local electricity charges