Jiangsu Normal University Foreign Student Scholarship


  The scholarship is for exceptional foreign students studying at JiangsuNormal University. It aims to encourage foreign students to study diligentlyand promote their overall development.

Award Winners

Enrolled Students who have never enjoyed tuition remissions or any othertypes of scholarships and would like to continue to study at Jiangsu NormalUniversity next semester can apply for foreign student scholarship.


  1. Applicants must abide by the laws andrules of Chinese Government, observe school principles and regulations.

  2. Applicants must respect the socialethics, customs and habits of The People’s Republic of China.

  3. Applicants must respect teachers andbelieve in unity and mutual aids.

  4. Applicants must take an active part inactivities organized by International College.

  5. Applicants must have good attendance andacademic records. The specific standards are as follows:

  1) A Class Scholarship: Each academic scoremust be above 90 (including 90). Attendance rate must be above 95%. Nounexplained absence.

  2) B Class Scholarship: Each academic scoremust be above 80 (including 80). Attendance rate must be above 90%. Nounexplained absence.

  3) C Class Scholarship: Each academic scoremust be above 75 (including 75). Attendance rate must be above 85%. Nounexplained absence.

  4) Good Attendance Scholarship will be opento students whose all academic scores are above 60 and attendance rate is 100%.

Application Procedure

  1. Applicants fill Application Form for ExceptionalForeign Students.

  2. Applicants submit Application Formwithin one month after the beginning of the semester. Application won’t beaccepted after the deadline.

Categories of Scholarship




A Class Scholarship



B Class Scholarship



C Class Scholarship



Good Attendance Scholarship



Assessment Methods

  1. Assessment Committee of theInternational College is responsible for scholarship assessment. The Committeereviews the documents at the end of each semester and issue certificate andaward at the beginning of next semester.

  2. The Assessment would follow theprinciple of openness, impartiality and fairness.

  3. The scholarships are all cash awards.

  4. Since the number of award winners islimited, eligible students will be sorted in descending order based on theiracademic score. Under the same conditions, priority should be given to studentswho take an active part in activities organized by International College. Ifthere is no qualified student, it can be vacancy is permissible.

  5. The scholarships will be awarded once asemester.

  6. One can only apply for one type ofscholarship at a time.

  7. International College of Jiangsu NormalUniversity is entitled for explanation of these regulations.

  8. These rules shall go into effect as ofthe date of Dec. 12, 2013.