JSNU hasadopted a strategy of discipline transformation to optimize its academic structure,and has built up a multi-leveled discipline system.

Post-Doctoral Research Station

  Post-Doctoral Research Station of Biology

ConstructionProject of the Provincial Collaborative Innovation Center

  Collaborative InnovationCenter of the Advanced Laser Technologyand Emerging Industry

  Collaborative Innovation Center of the LanguageCompetence

Leading Disciplines of Universities in Jiangsu

  Chinese Language & Literature, Biology, Statistics,Optical Engineering, Education Science, Regional New Road to UrbanizationDevelopment

Key Disciplines of Jiangsu Province

  Mathematics, AppliedEconomics, Education Science, Chinese History, Word History, Chemical Science,Ecology, Artistic Theory, Drama and  Media

Provincial Research Platform of Liberal Arts

  Jiangsu ProvincialResearch Base for Huaihai Development, Research Base of Jiangsu RegionalCoordinated Development, Compilation and Translation Bureau of the CPC JSNU Baseof Development Theory Research, Jiangsu Provincial Theory Research Base underthe Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, Sports Culture ResearchBase of Sports Culture Development Center of State General Administration of Sports, ResearchInstitute for Languages, Institute for Han Culture, Research Center of WisdomEducation, Research Base for Rural Governance and Innovation of NorthernJiangsu Province, Research Center for China-Pakistan Educationand Culture, Australian Studies Center.

ProvincialResearch Platform of Science and Engineering

  JSNU TechnologyTransfer Center, Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratoryof Advanced Laser Materials and Devices, Research Center for InformationProcessing Project of Education in Jiangsu Province, JSNU Industrial DesignCenter, Incubator of State Key Laboratory for Dual-Purpose Plant and BiologicResource of Herb and Food of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratoryof Linguistic Science and Neurocognitive Project, Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratoryof Functional Materials Green Synthesis, Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of BigData Science and Project.

Signing Ceremony of Introducing Overseas Team of High-level TechnologyInnovation

Experts Are Inspecting the Laser Engineering andTechnology Labs