The First International Discourse Forum on “the Belt and Road Initiative” held at JSNU


On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of Chinas launch of the Belt and Road Initiative, the First International Discourse Forum on the Belt and Road Initiative was held at Jiangsu Normal University on November 10.

This Forum was co-sponsored by Jiangsu Normal University, National University of Lanus, Argentina, and Galicia Institute for International Studies, Spain.

Over one hundred of experts and scholars from home and abroad attended the forum.

The forum began at 8:30, hosted by Professor Cen Hong, vice party secretary of CPC JSNU Committee. President Zhou Ruguang addressed a speech to express his welcome and respect to the present foreign friends, leaders and experts.

He noted that the Belt and Road Initiative was a significant concept proposed by CPC headed by Comrade Xi Jinping. Therefore, it had an important meaning. Universities should combine talent cultivation, scientific research, international cooperation with the Initiative, let think tanks play their roles and be the pioneers. In recent years, JSNU had made some achievements at international students education. He wished that more excellent international students along the B & R could study in China.

Then, the microphone was given to the guests. They would like to strengthen communication, deepen exploration and advance further development.

At the end of the forum, Xu Yongji, vice general of Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges, MOE launched a speech. He delivered his congratulation on behalf of the department and pointed out that education was a significant basis of peoples linked hearts among various nations. MOE was dedicated to expanding humanities communication and strengthening talent cultivation. JSNU had already taken a leading role among Chinese normal universities. This forum was another milestone of JSNUs international communication.