Park city: new city form to realize people’s happy life


Speaker: Professor Shi Yungui

Topic: Park city: new city form to realize people’s happy life

Date: March 14

Time: 14:30 pm

Venue: Lecture Hall 500, Building 16

Sponsor: School of Public Administration and Sociology

Brief Introduction of the Speaker: Shi Yungui, Professor, PhD supervisor of administrative management, and master supervisor of administrative management, political science and MPA students.Prof. Shi has been awarded Outstanding Talents of New Century by Education Ministry, Academic and Technical Leading Person of Sichuan Province. He is the chief expert of the major project of the Education Ministry Construction of Green Governance System and Quality Evaluation of County-Level Government, and a consultancy expert of the Government of Sichuan province and of Chengdu city. He is also the chief expert of the think tank social governance and public safety of Sichuan Government. He was the former vice mayor of a county government in Jiangsu Province (temporary positions). Prof. Shi mainly studies the Chinese government and politics, local government governance, western political thoughts, public policy, human resource management and so on. He has published 6 personal monographs and textbooks, and more than 60 academic papers, and received second or third prize of provincial/ministerial level for 6 times.