Cultivation Plan for Undergraduates of Entire English Course in Mechanics (International Students)


Department: School of Mechatronic Engineering, Jiangsu Normal University

For Students: Enrolled in 2017 (4 years study period, undergraduate students)

Categories and Main Introductions

The major of Mechanics covers three undergraduate sub-majors, including mechanical design, manufacturing and automation (080202), vehicle engineering (080207) and industrial design (080205), of which the first sub-major is regarded as an excellent and specialized major in Jiangsu Province. The college has a state-level college students practice site outside the campus, a state-level experiment center of virtual simulation, a provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration center of mechanical basis, a provincial-level industrial design center, a municipal-level engineering technology research center and a municipal-level engineering laboratory. We have signed the "1 + 10" co-cultivation agreement with more than 10 well-known enterprises, such as the XCMG and China First Tractor Group Co.Ltd, and established a harmonious cooperation with several well-renowned domestic and foreign universities, such as St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, which provides a great platform for our students’ cultivation. The college adheres to the principle of student-oriented, and carries out a series of training in innovative abilities of undergraduates, career planning, internship practice, graduation design guidance and international exchange under the guidance that each student has a mentor to lead him or her.

An Introduction to Major and Specialty(including the core courses and main disciplines)

The major of mechanical design, manufacturing and automation is aimed to provide advanced mechanical experts to work on design and manufacturing, technology development, applied research, operational management and other aspects of mechanical design and manufacturing fields. The main learning includes the basic theory and knowledge in mechanical design, mechanical manufacturing, mechanical electronics and automation, and also the basic training directed by mechanical engineers. All these efforts aim to equip students with a solid foundation of engineering science and capabilities in technology mechanical product design, manufacturing, equipment control and production organization and management.

This major reflects the principle of students-oriented, focusing its attention on basic knowledge of teaching, and aiming to cultivate students’ scientific literacy, engineering practice and innovative ability. Over the years, the students majoring in this subject has enjoyed a bright employment future and widely recognized by foreign, state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises and government departments.

Core courses:

Drawing geometry and mechanical drawing, theoretical mechanics, material mechanics, mechanical principles, mechanical design, electrical and electronic technology, hydraulic and pneumatic transmission, mechanical control engineering foundation, engineering materials and machinery manufacturing basis, CNC machining technology.

Main disciplines:

First-class disciplines: mechanics, mechanical engineering

Second-class disciplines: mechanical design and theory, machinery manufacturing and automation, mechanical and electrical engineering.