Me and Snow


With a mixed feeling of excitement of traveling faraway and a little bit of fear, I arrived in Russia in the autumn of 2016.

My first impression of Russia was cold. In the early time of October, I wore my down jacket, people looking at me astonishingly. However, this couldn’t erase my curiousness about this foreign land.

At the very beginning, I was nervous. I came to my school two hours before the class and arranged my registration many times. After about half a month, I finally settled and knew every street near the school, and of course, being familiar with every shopping center held by our Chinese people.

To a girl that came from the southern part of China like me, snow was rare. Nevertheless, Petersburg in November was already a kingdom of snow. I clearly remembered that the first snow arrived on Nov. 6. In my opinion, the first snow was like a lot of fairies fell from the sky or like a lot of butter flies waving their wings.

Russia was not a country in a hurry. One could have much time to spend exploring the ancient buildings and architectures. It took me a month to learn Russian, speaking“АБВ” with all those foreign teachers. Then, I started to have professional courses. I still remembered that all our Chinese students studied all night and translated those books...

I thought I would miss the shopping centers or cakes from север before my return to China. However, once I was back in China, what I missed was the time and youth I spent there. That time was full of freeness, vitalness and enthusiasm.

Goodbye, Petersburg, goodbye, snow.