Academy of Interdisciplinarity & Application Technology Transfer Center


Academy of Interdisciplinarity & Application Technology Transfer Center of Jiangsu normal University was established on November 7, 2010. In November 2011, it was approved by the Provincial Production, Research and Research Joint Innovation Fund-University Technology Transfer Center Construction Project. In July 2013, it successfully passed the acceptance of the University Technology Transfer Center construction project. In January 2015, it was approved as a national technology transfer demonstration agency. In the assessment of the National Technology Transfer Demonstration Agency in 2015, 453 institutions across the country participated in the assessment and evaluation. Our school ranked 199 (53 outstanding, 142 good, 238 qualified, 19 rectified). In 2016, the center successfully passed the comprehensive evaluation of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, and the evaluation results were good and received a subsidy of 500,000 Yuan. The person in charge of the center is Professor Jiang Jihong, and Xuzhou Normal University Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. is the central entity operating organization. The center is the administrative department of the school to carry out scientific and technological development, technology transfer, and technical services. There are project management department, achievement and intellectual property department, information department, finance department and comprehensive office.