JSNU holds the 3rd Mencius Culture Festival & Academic Forum


The 3rd JSNU Mencius Culture Festival & Academic Forum was held at CW CHU Hall on June 9.

Mr. Xu Fangming, dean of Yunlong Academy and distinguished director of Mencius Academy; Prof. Meng Xiangcai from Shandong University, secretary of Chinese Academy of War History; Prof. Yin Yanlu from the Mencius Institute, president of Zoucheng Calligraphers Association; Mr. Meng Qingchun, chairman of Meng’s Family Association and vice director of Mencius Academy; Mr. Meng Zhaoxue, director of Publicity Department of JSNU and related leaders from School of History, Culture and Tourism attended the opening ceremony.

Mr. Meng Zhaoxue made a speech and announced the opening of the festival. Mr. Meng Qingchun introduced the heritage and development of Meng’s family in Xuzhou.

During the forum, Prof. Yin and Prof. Xu exchanged their thoughts with students on “the cultural root of Mencius’ thoughts”, “Mencius’ theory of morality and personality” and “Mencius’ life”. They solved students’ questions, creating a warm and cozy academic atmosphere.

At the end of the activity, all the participants read extracts from Mencius & Gaocius to go over the profoundness of Mencius’ thoughts and strengthen the students’ awareness of responsibility and mission.