The 2020 Chinese Plant Biology ‘Female Scientists Academic and Popular Science Campus Tour’ was Held in Jiangsu Normal University


On November 12th, the academic and popular science campus tour of Chinese female plantbiology scientists of 2020 was held in the Analysis and Testing Center of JSNU. Ten female scientists from Peking University, Zhejiang University, Nankai University, Shandong University, Beijing Normal University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Hainan University, Northeast Forestry University, Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, Jiangsu Academy of Sciences and other institutions of higher learning and scientific research presented wonderful reports to teachers and students in JSNU.


Chen Peng, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee of JSNU, attended the opening ceremony and made a speech. He pointed out that the specialty of plantbiology is closely related to production and life, and it also shoulders the important task of ensuring national food security and building a beautiful China and promoting ecological civilization construction. Scientists are aforce for the advancement of a country and a nation. Women scientists present here are the academic highlands of highly educated women, fully demonstrating their charm. This activity is not only an important measure to enhance scientific research and innovation ability and strengthen academic exchanges and cooperation, but also a carrier to clash ideas and wisdom, explore cooperation models and expand service paths.


Professor Xia Guangmin delivered a speech on behalf of the female scientists at the opening ceremony and expressed her gratitude for the warm invitation and hospitality of JSNU. She said that in the past seven years, female scientists have visited more than 20 institutions of higher learning and received widespread attention and praise. This invitation to Jiangsu Normal University brought not only science popularization and academic exchanges, but also face-to-face communications with students about personal development, academic research, future employment and other issues.


Professor Xia Guangmin of Shandong University, Professor Ren Haiyun of Beijing Normal University, Researcher Liu Hongtao of Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiologyand Ecology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Professor Gu Hongya of Peking University gave lectures on popular science respectively. Six women scientists, including Professor Wang Ningning of Nankai university, Researcher Hang Yueyu of Institute of Botany of Jiangsu Academy of Sciences, Professor Shou Huixia of Zhejiang University, Professor Li Haiyan of Hainan University, Professor Li Yuhua of Northeast Forestry University, and Professor Wujun of Nanjing Agricultural University, made academic reports, and conducted an interview type communication and discussion with all attending teachers and students.