JSNU Has Obtained Funding by Sino-German Cooperation and Exchange Program


The National Natural Science Foundation of China has recently issued a notice on the approval of the Sino-German Science Center of the National Natural Science Foundation of China for the year 2020. Cui Wenwen, Associate Professor of School of Physics and Electronic Engineering of JSNU, and Miguel A. L. Marques, Professor of the Martin-Luther-Universitat Halle-Wittenberg in German, jointly applied for the design project of a new high-temperature super conducting material based on H3S structure under high pressure, which was approved with a funding amount of 1.15 million yuan.


The International (Regional) Cooperative Research and Exchange Program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China supports scientific and technical personnel to effectively utilize international scientific and technological resources to carry out substantive international (regional) cooperative research and academic exchanges, so as to improve China's scientific research level and international competitiveness. The funding system includes key international (regional) cooperative research projects, inter-organizational (regional) cooperative research and exchange projects, and research fund projects for young foreign scholars.


Since 2016, scientific and technological personnel of JSNU have been actively engaged in international scientific and technological cooperation and exchange, and have been approved for a number of international (regional) cooperation and exchange projects. JSNU has established stable cooperative relations with high-level universities and scientific research institutions in Russia, Germany, Britain and other countries. The funding of this project is of great significance for JSNU to carry out international cooperation, promote the level of basic research and cultivate high-level talents.