Teacher Growth in the New Era: The First Lecture of Master of Education in JSNU


The activities of the master of education are carried out in JSNU in order to fulfil the spirit of the national graduate education conference, the comprehensive reform of the training mode of the master of education, and the concept of the integration of industry and education. By inviting the first-line principals and teachers of basic education, these activities can bring vivid educational and teaching experience to the master of education, and improve the training quality and innovation ability of the masters, from the aspects of the cultivation of teachers’ ethics, the development of moral integrity and the teaching of basic education.

On the afternoon of October 10, the first lecture of master of education was held in JSNU. Huangfu Litong, the NPC deputy, the people’s educationist and the principal of Huaiyin Middle School, was invited to give a special lecture on the effective path of teacher growth in the new era for full-time master’s degree students. The lecture was presided over by Zhao Junyan, vice presidentof graduate school.

Principal Huangfu began his lecture with the standard of good teachers, from the elements of teaching to the view of modern teachers, modern teaching and modern students. To guide the students to be an intelligent teacher, he emphasized the teaching and research activities should include the professional theory study in the teaching action, and he also highlighted nine concerns to improve the quality of education.

As an educator, Principal Huangfu put forward the “four hearts”, that is, love, dedication, fairness and education. The responsibility of educators is to teach and educate people, and to help them be ambitious, physical and mental healthy, virtuous and talented, and innovative. Principal Huangfu encourages students to set up correct educational ideas, multiple knowledge structure, healthy psychological quality, perfect ability, good professional image and strive to be a good teacher.

More than 400 students took part in this lecture, and it was a great success.