Jiangsu Normal University Fall semester begins


After the epidemic situation entered normal prevention and control, JSNU welcomed the new semester in the early autumn on September 7. This is a new start for our normal operation and study. In orderto ensure a safe, stable and well-organized reopening, relevant functional departments fully made use of summer vacation and work overtime for our teachers and students.

School leaders come into classrooms to attend the first class and conduct performance evaluation. Then they arrived the offices to inspect faculty and staff’s preparations for the new semester.

On the afternoon of September 6, Party Secretary Hua Guihong led a team to examine student’s check-in situation and told the security department to carry out JSNU’s implementation plan of normal prevention. Then Prof. Hua required the logistic group and their dormitories and canteens to fully understand the significance of prevention and sterilization to provide a comfortable environment for students. At last, he stressed that all the faculty and students should strictly adhere to the management.

On the morning of September 7, all the school leaders went to Quanshan campus and Yunlong campus in 8 groups to inspect the attendance, equipment, teaching material delivery and environment, attended some lectures randomly and visited relevant schools. From the feedback, all the preparations for the new semester were in order. Students and teachers were positive and ready for classes and all the working staff were full of enthusiasm.