Latest research findings of Associate Professor Li Yinwei published in Nature Communication


Recently, Associate Professor Li Yinwei from School of Physics & Electronic Engineering, JSNU has cooperated with Dr. Liu Hanyu from Carnegie Institution of Washington, Prof. Simon A. T. Redfern from University of Cambridge, Prof. Ma Yanming from JilinUniversity and others, achieving new progress in the field of polymeric nitrogen high-energy density material at high pressure. Related finding has been published in SCI top journal Nature Communication, with Li from JSNU as primary author, which was another breakthrough since Li had published relevant research result in Physical Review Letters (top journal in Physics) in 2015. This marks that JSNUSchool of Physics & Electronic Engineering has moved forward in this field.

According to Li, Nitrogen-rich compounds have attracted considerable attention due to their potential as high-energy density materials (HEDM). While azides, with linear N3 radicals, have been synthesized rather easily for well over a century, true poly-nitrogen molecules or clusters are highly metastable and can, thus far, only be produced by transformation of molecular nitrogen at pressures >110 GPa. Here they suggest a route for synthesis of a tetragonal polymeric nitrogen, denoted t-N, via He-N compounds at high pressures. At high pressure, HeN4 comprises a polymeric channel-like nitrogen framework filled with linearly arranged helium atoms. The calculated phonon dispersion curves and elastic constants confirm the dynamical and mechanical stabilities of t-N at ambient pressure. Their results extend the boundaries of known helium-compounds, in particular suggesting that helium may form compounds with elements such as nitrogen at sufficiently high pressures. 

Associate Professor Li Yinwei is an excellent talent introduced into School of Physics & Electronic Engineering in 2011. In 2017, he was supported by National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. His major research field is designing new functional material by first principle study. At present, Li has made a series of breakthroughs in relevant field and publishes 48 SCI academic papers in international journals like Nature, Nature Communication, PRL, PNAS, PRB, JCP, which totally have been cited over 1500 times. With his fruitful research achievements, Li supported the discipline construction of School of Physics & Electronic Engineering firmly.

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Nature Communication: