CW Chu College


CWChu College (Outstanding Talents Cultivation Sector) is a comprehensive and inter-discipline school of JSNU. It was established to carry out “elite education” in context of education popularization. As a “talent cultivation zone” of the university, the college adopts diversified modes and individualized plan, depending on university’s predominant disciplines and high-level faculty. Students here are built with high morality, humanistic quality, innovative ability and leadership capability through individualized recruitment, professional self-choice, small class teaching, tutorial system and visiting famous universities. During the past three years, 64 of our graduates have been enrolled as the postgraduates in CAS, CASS, Nanjing University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University and other 985 universities. Graduates are welcome by the employers for their strong comprehensive strength and high professional quality.

The university attaches great importance tothe cultivation of outstanding talents by adopting special policies in our school. The university supports us heavily in terms of our faculty, expenditure and infrastructure. For example, each class is equipped with independent classroom and living community. Every student has a professional supervisor either in senior positions or with PhD. On the other hand, many preferential policies have been provided by the university for students’ professional study and science & technological innovation, for example, independent fund for innovative achievements or high-level competition and privilege for postgraduate recommendation, discipline contests and other respects. Students of our school have more opportunities to study and exchange home and abroad. In recent years, up to 69% of our whole students,that is 446 students, have been to the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore and other countries or regions for study under the support of JSNU.

In recent years, with the support of the university and the help of other brother colleges, as well as the effort of all the staff of our college, lots of achievements have been obtained. The passing rate of CET 4 reaches100%; 156 projects at national and provincial levels have been finished; 125 papers have been published on academic journals; students won first prizes in ICM for many times and so on. Moreover, our students have been to Brazil, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Southwestern regions of China and other regions to support local education, devoting their passion and wit to the whole society.

After years of exploration and practice, the outcome of our talent cultivation reform has been presenting gradually.Our principle of “elite education”has enjoyed popular support from bothour university and other universities. Our way of cultivating outstanding talents has gotten extensive attention and high praise from the society.