JSNU-SPbPU Institute of Engineering


JSNU-SPbPU Institute of Engineering- Sino-Russian Institute is a subordinate school of JSNU, responsible for the integration of high-qualityacademic and teaching resources and the coordination of the cooperative work between JSNU and SPbPU. JSNU’s cooperation with Russian universities dates back to 2007 and has establishedlong-term cooperative relations with the Moscow State Normal University, the Moscow State University of Economic Statistics and Information (incorporated into the Plekhanov University of Economics), St. PetersburgEmperor Alexandria I State Communication University, St.PetersburgPeter the Great  Polytechnic University and other Russian universities.

In 2013, JSNU set up the Sino-Russian Institute for “the Sino-Russian Joint School-Running Project” and cooperated with St. Petersburg Emperor Alexandra I State Communication University to jointly offer 2 undergraduate programmes of “Financial Engineering” and “Rail Transit Signal and Control”, and with the Plekhanov University of Economics to offer 1 postgraduate program: “International Trade Science”.

Then in 2016, China’s Ministry of Education approved the establishment of“The Joint Engineering College of St. Petersburg Emperor Peter University of Technology and Engineering, JSNU” (hereinafter referred to as JSNU-SPbPU Institute of Engineering),a non-independent  legal entity for Sino-foreignjointly-run school. Now, we offer 4 undergraduate programs: Mechanical Design &Manufacturing and Automation, Industrial Design, Electronics Science and Technology and Electronic Information Engineering and 2 postgraduate programs: Mechanical Engineering and Optical Engineering. In January 2017, JSNU integrated JSNU-SPbPU Institute of Engineering, with Sino-Russian Institute, renaming it JSNU-SPbPU Institute of Engineering-Sino-Russian Institute.

Presently the number of full-time registered students totals 744. Since 2009, there have been 224 students to pursue further study in Russia, with 9 of them studying at Moscow at the present, 6 of themgranted Russian StateScholarships and 28 of them sponsored by the Sino-Russian Institute to study abroad. All the 143 graduates studying in Russiahave already received their bachelor’s degree granted by the Russian universities, and 76 of them are pursuingtheir master’s degrees in Russia.