School of Media, Film and Television


School of Media, Film and Television offers four undergraduate programs: Advertising, Television Broadcasting Science, Broadcast and Television Directing and Film&Television Production. It also offers four graduate programs: Drama and Media, Artistic Design, Broadcasting & Television and Public Administration. Among them, the first class discipline Drama and Media is a key discipline in Jiangsu province. Advertising and Broadcasting & Television are the first batch and second batches of characteristic majors in Jiangsu Province, respectively.

There are 38 full-time teachers, including 7 professors, 18 associate professors and 19 19 doctoral scholar. Professor Hu Zhifeng, Changjiang Scholar, is our distinguished professor. Besides, lots of excellent talents with PhD have been introduced to our school. Over the years, many teachers have overseas studying experience. By far, there have been 683 full-time undergraduate students. Their employment rate has been stayed over 95%. There are also lots of graduate seek further education in famous universities.

Focusing on teaching work, the school has gradually established a practical and innovative talent training model under the concept of modern media.In recent years, we have signed contracts with over 20 companies in JSNU Science & Technology Park, Media companies, Advertising agencies and Film production corporations, establishing a colony of internship and practice bases. In addition, JSNU Film Production Center, JSNU Television Station, New Media have provided good conditions for students’ability cultivation. We pay attention to facilities. Therefore, there are provincial Experimental Demonstration Center, Characteristic Professional Laboratory co-sponsored by the central and local government, News & Broadcasting Institute, Broadcasting & Television Arts Institute, Advertising Institute, Film Production Center, Market Investigation and Public Sentiment Research Center, Advertisement Design and Production Center, Brand Marketing Research Center and other professional institutes. The value of our teaching and researching equipment totals ¥15,000,000. Our film and television production laboratory have advanced hardware facilities, including a digital HD movie camera ARRI-ALEXA and a full set of post-production system, which is in the leading position in the country.

Over the years, teachers of our school have undertaken 10 national fund projects, 17 ministerial and provincial projects and more than 50 departmental projects. Totally, our teachers and students have published over 200 papers on academic journals and won many awards fat different levels for their teaching achievement.

School’s talent development program is famous for it’s highlight of students’innovation, practice, learning and employment. Most of our alumni are employed by Media companies , well - known advertising companies , top 500 companies in the world and top 100 domestic enterprises in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi and other economically developed cities. In the past years, students have won more than 100 national professional competition awards,more than 200 provincial level awards and a number of undergraduate design prizes.

We have cooperated with Shih Hsin University, New York Film Academy, University of Missouri, Deakin University and other famous universities. Students all have the opportunities to be exchange students or study for master degrees in those universities.