The Institute of the “Belt and Road” of Jiangsu Normal University


In November 2015, theInstitute of the “Belt and Road” of Jiangsu Normal University was jointly establishedby the University and Xuzhou government. In July 2016, it was set up as a key provincialcultivation think tank by Department of Publicity of CPC Jiangsu Committee. InMarch 2017, a branch of Institute of the “Belt and Road” was jointlyestablished by the Institute and the University of the Punjab, Pakistan. The researchfield of the Institute covers economics, history, literature, law, educationand other disciplines. Its major research foci are placed on the five fieldsrelated to the “Belt and Road” initiative: 1. Opening to the outside world andJiangsu development; 2. International Trade and national relations; 3.Historical culture and tourism development; 4. Study abroad and talenttraining; 5. Language competence and international communication. With regard todevelopment orientation, the Institute puts construction of a new type of thinktank with Chinese characteristics as its general guidelines, so as to build akey research base for international and regional issues. In accordance with thegeneral requirements of “keeping a foothold in Jiangsu, serving the wholecountry, and facing the world”, the Institute continues to deepen the reform ofmanagement system, to innovate the organization and operation mechanism, toimprove the ability and level of the scientific research, decision-makingconsultation, cooperation and communication by means of collaborativeinnovation. The objective is to build a regional leading think tank with acertain international influence and reputation which can serve for the “Beltand Road” initiatives, provide strong theoretical and intellectual support forthe implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiative in China and expansion ofnew space for opening and development in Jiangsu.