Affiliated School celebrated Children’s Day


On the morning of June 1, the Affiliated School of Jiangsu Normal University celebrated Children’s Day through live online and class tour. The celebration attracted Huang Junwei, standing member of JSNU Committee and Xu Haili, standing member of the government of Tongshan District, related leaders of Xuzhou Education Department and staff of the school.

In his speech, the host expressed his gratitude to Jiangsu Normal University, government of Tongshan District and Tongshan Education Department. He looked back on students’ changes during the past semester and appreciated their spirit.

Vice president Huang extended his wish to students and repeated our original mind of establishing the school. He wished that in the future, every student could be the pride of the school.

Ms. Xu spoke highly of school’s achievements. She said that the school had its own features and presented its quality. At the moment of this festival, she would like to wish all the children a merry Children’s Day and thank all the teachers and parents for their dedication.