“How I faced my coronavirus anxiety” by Associate Prof. Liu Kai published in Science


“How I faced my coronavirus anxiety”, written by Associate Prof. Liu Kai of Law School at Jiangsu Normal University waspublished in worldwide renowned academic journal Science.

This article mainly illustrates how did Associate Prof. Liu overcome his coronavirus anxiety, his experience of adapting to online teaching and his hope to inspire scholars and teachers who may have anxiety caused by new ways of teaching. After the outbreak of coronavirus, everyone faces a bit of mental pressure, especially for those who work atuniversity, facing a brand-new attempt of online teaching, significant changeof teaching methods and a heavier mental pressure. In this article, the author described three key factors in overcoming pressure for the adaptation.

First, Jiangsu Normal University paved the way for new teaching ways while providing online teaching guidance and technical support in advance. Second, trying to be relaxed could reduce anxiety. Third, studying online teaching techniques positively and multi-platform preparation guaranteed the success of online teaching.

After consistent effort, Associate Prof.Liu found that online teaching was more interactive comparing with traditional teaching. With appropriate methods, students’ enthusiasm and study efficiency could be improved, and by using the intellectual platforms, teachers could make full use of class time. In his summary of his teaching experience, he said that “It’s OK to feel anxious. But I'd also recommend staying open to change. You never know what you'll learn.”

This article was published during the latter half of March, when some western countries was suffering an emergent situation.Although this article had been published for only two months, it produced some influence among the academic field. According to ResearchGate, there are all together 4 citations.

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