Famous Educationist Gu Mingyuan Came to JSNU “Runde Forum”


Gu Mingyuan, professor of BeijingNormalUniversity, honorary chairman of the Chinese Society of Education and famous educationist, came to JSNU “Runde” Forum and gave a speech entitled “The Reform of Future Education”. Zhou Ruguang, President of JSNU hosted the whole speech.

Starting with his own educational practice and experiences, Mr. Gu pointed out the future trend of educational development and the prospect of education reform from six aspects, including educational environment, cultivation goal, educational content, teaching mode, relationship between teachers and students and the way of learning. At the same time, Mr. Gu considered that although the Internet made education reformed revolutionarily, the essence of education, which is “inherit culture, create knowledge and cultivate talents” won’t change, schools and teachers won’t disappear. Teachers should fully use modern tools to cultivate students with creativity and critical thinking, the ability of problem-solving, decision-making, learning, communicating, cooperating, information-processing and living. Mr. Gu specially stressed that, “No matter how education method changes, its essence won’t change. The fundamental aim of education is still inherit culture, create knowledge, strengthen morality and cultivate people. For this aim, teachers have to try their best to become those good ones with ideas and faith, morality and sentiment, solid knowledge and benevolent heart.”

During the whole speech, Mr. Gu was passionate and had a clear mind, making all the audience enjoy a feast of thought. After the speech, Mr. Zhou issued an appointment letter to Mr. Gu, specially appointing him as JSNU professor.