Leaders of Xuzhou Federation of Trade Union Extended Their Regards to Representative of JSNU Advanced Workers before Teachers’ Day


On the morning of 5 September, workers of Xuzhou Federation of Trade Union, together with Mr. Xu Tao, president of Education Union, came to JSNU to extend their regards to Jiangsu & Xuzhou Advanced Worker, Professor Shen Zhengping before Teachers’ Day.

President Xu Tao delivered his warm holiday greetings to JSNU staff on behalf of Xuzhou Federation of Trade Union and granted subsidy to Prof. Shen Zhengping, executive vice director of JSNU B&R Institute, Jiangsu & Xuzhou Advanced Worker. President Xu expected that JSNU advanced workers would continue to build on their achievements, cherish their posts and devote themselves to work and make more contribution to the upgrading of Xuzhou’s economy. Prof. Sheng appreciated the concern from Xuzhou Federation of Trade Union on behalf of all JSNU advanced workers and denoted that JSNU would bring the superiority into full play and devote more to build a New Xuzhou with the features of “Strength, Richness, Beauty and Civilization”.