JSNU Leaders Investigated Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institution


On the morning of 24 Jul, Mr. Hua Guihong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jiangsu Normal University led a group to investigate Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institution. Mr. Li Jianmin, council member of Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institution attended the meeting.

Mr. Hua firstly illustrated the background and the purpose of this visit. He said that JITRI had been a pilot zone for the science and technology system reform of JiangsuProvince, which made contribution to the improvement of technology research system, industrial innovation capability and the promotion of innovation-driven development strategy. Mr. Li specifically introduced the foundation process, function, structure, regulations and rules, fund and the operation of JITRI. Then two sides conducted a deep communication in terms of cooperation.

Through this investigation, JSNU has a more thorough understanding of industrial research, making a good foundation for establishing Northern Jiangsu Sustainable Development Research Institution.