The 24th “Six O’clock Meeting”


On March 9th, the 24th “Six O’clock Meeting” was held in its practice base. Secretary of the CPC JSNU Committee of the School of Mathematics and Statistics Sun Zhenghong communicated with students on the topic of Good Character is the Greatest Wealth.

Taking social life as the foothold, Sun expounded the importance, connotation and cultivation of good character to the students. Furthermore, he explained why good character is the greatest wealth through little things. According to Secretary Sun, a person with excellent qualities such as generosity, kindness, trustworthiness, tolerance, modesty, integrity and perseverance is tend to be successful. Finally, he hoped that students would embrace themselves, care for others, love life and always remember morality first, so as to be a youth with excellent character and scholarship.

In the interactive session, Sun Zhenghong answered the question “Is there a vital trait in good character?” Considering social reality, he gave the suggestion that “in good character, none is superior to another, what we need is not the so-called vital trait, but a combination of good qualities such as kindness, hard work and perseverance.” At last, Secretary Sun took a group photo with the students and wrote: “Be a good student and win a wonderful future for yourself”.