The First Plenary Session of the Second Jiangsu Committee for Postgraduate Education of Pedagogy Held in Xuzhou


Recently, the first plenary session of the second Jiangsu Committee for Postgraduate Education of Pedagogy was held in Jiangsu Normal University (JSNU). Sixteen committee members including chairman Wu Kangning and vice chairman Yan Jun attended the meeting. The session was presided over by Chen Xuejun, a member of the Committee and the head of the Secretariat. 

Cai Guochun, a member of the Committee and the vice president of JSNU, delivered a speech. He introduced the development of Postgraduate education of JSNU and watched a documentary on the 70th anniversary of JSNU with other members present. At the same time,  they experienced the rich culture of the university and the time-honored history of Xuzhou.

Wu Kangning reviewed the work of the previous committee in five aspects. Firstly, the focus was on improving the committee’s guidance ability to strengthen the basic system and infrastructure construction. Secondly, conducting investigation and research to play the role of think tank by providing decision-making basis for Jiangsu Postgraduate education. Thirdly, doing well in the Jiangsu Postgraduate Research and Innovation Practice Competition, Postgraduate Summer School, and Postgraduate Academic Innovation Forum. Fourthly, promoting the review of degree theses, disciplinary evaluation, and resource selection work. Finally, promoting the construction of the committee organization and the discipline alliance.

Yan Jun led the committee members to carefully study the Regulations of Jiangsu Committee for Postgraduate Education of Pedagogy and interpreted the selection work of the 2023 Jiangsu Postgraduate Research and Innovation Practice Project, encouraging all universities to actively apply to and undertake relevant projects. 

The members had in-depth communication and extensive discussion on the work of 2023, especially regarding the construction of the postgraduate curriculum system, sharing of curriculum resources, serving elementary education practice, improving the quality of postgraduate theses, and reforming the competition for postgraduate practice and innovation capabilities, thus practical ideas were produced.

In his concluding speech, on behalf of the Committee, Wu Kangning expressed his gratitude to the previous committee members for their effort, as well as the support of the Postgraduate Education Division of Jiangsu Education Department. He proposed four suggestions. Firstly, to strengthen communication with the Academic Degrees Committee Office of Jiangsu Province and the Postgraduate Education Division of Jiangsu Education Department to obtain strong support and promote the construction of disciplines and specialties. Secondly, to strengthen communication with employers to solve difficulties. Thirdly, by strengthening communication with postgraduate employers, better understand the postgraduate education standards that meet the needs of the times. Fourthly, to strengthen internal communication within the Committee and actively promote the alliances of pedagogy, psychology, and physical education. 

Jiangsu Committee for Postgraduate Education of Pedagogy is an expert organization approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of Jiangsu Province and Jiangsu Education Department. Under their leadership, the Committee engage in research, consultation and guidance of postgraduate education in pedagogy disciplines and professional degrees. Its purpose is to meet the development needs of Postgraduate education based on reality and promote the high-quality development of postgraduate education in Jiangsu Province.