Shared Joy in Jiangsu into JSNU Campus


Sponsored by Information Office and Foreign Affairs Office of People’s Government of Jiangsu Province, co-sponsored by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education and Jiangsu and Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation, Shared Joy in Jiangsu is the most popular activity for internationalization. In the afternoon on 14th, May, Shared Joy in Jiangsu brought us a catalogue of wonderful performances. Zhou Ruguang, vice president of JSNU, attended and addressed. Zhou Jianming, dean of the School of Music, Nanjing University of the Arts, Ge Lei, director of Jiangsu Audiovisual Publishing House, Su Bei, director of International Communication Office of Publicity Department of the CPC Xuzhou Municipal Committee as well as teachers and students of JSNU enjoyed the performances.

The gala started with a song-dance May China Auspicious, which boasted distinctive Chinese characteristics. The audiences were deeply impressed by That Sea and Superstar by Black Pearl from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and English-version Fairly Tale by Gao Fei from JSNU. The high-energy dance, International Style, by members of Angel Dancing Group pushed the gala to a climax, winning continuous cheers. Following that there were two soothing performances: Instrument ensemble Red River Rhapsody by JSNU Chinese Orchestra and Rolling in the Deep by American sisters. Then Ukraine dance Snowflake lighted up the atmosphere. In the performances that followed, audiences, especially the foreign students were entranced with the solo Mani Love Song by a Belorussian girl and Xinjiang folk dance Dolan Meshrep by JSNU student. Break Away and Ordinary Path sung by an American young man with a Chinese name Dai Tianle, brought audiences to the modern life. The atmosphere was pushed to another climax with the group dance of Red Hero along with the man and woman antiphonal singing Xiao Yan·Nessun Dorma, which combines Chinese Kunqu opera The Palace of Eternal Youth and Italian opera Turandot. With the solo of I Love You, China andToast to Friends byLiu Shuang, a teacher of JSNU, the performances came to a close successfully.

Performers, from 10 different countries, not only brought the 500 audiences great pleasure, but made friends with each other. As the international prolocutor of Jiangsu province, Shared Joy in Jiangsu is a representative showcase to the international friends of the charm of traditional Chinese culture and of Jiangsu’s development. It also witnesses the profound friendship between Chinese people and people all over the world in the new era.