Guests fromPakistan’s COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Visited JSNU


On May 8, a party of two led by Tanvir Jafri visited JSNU. Jafri is a professor and the executive director of China Study Center in COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT).

Hua Guihong, president of JSNU, received the guests. Mr. Hua extended his warm welcome to the Pakistani guests and briefed them on the recent achievements the school has made in international cooperation and communication. He also pointed out, as China and Pakistan enjoy a long history of friendship and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which is the flagship project as well as sample project under China’s national Belt and Road Strategy, cooperation between the two schools would further enhance ties between the two nations. He especially stressed the Belt and Road Institute (BRI) founded in JSNU in 2015 and its development vision as well as its key focuses. He hoped BRI would focus on researches on the commercial environment in Pakistan so as to serve the enterprises in Jiangsu for their investments. He expected substantial results from next Pakistan-China Business Forum to be held in Jiangsu. In addition, he expressed BRI intended to invite experts from CIIT to launch joint researches. Finally, President Hua opined that, apart from the researches on the Belt and Road Initiatives, the two schools could cooperate in other fields based on their achievements in the cooperation in scientific researches, faculty exchanges, and joint education projects, etc.

Having expressed appreciation for the hospitality he had received, Professor Jafri introduced Pakistani institutes and their researches on the Belt and Road Initiatives and the CPEC. During the meeting, professor Jafri also detailed the grand event co-sponsored by CIIT and Chinese Embassy in Pakistan where thousands of Pakistanis sang enthusiastically the national anthem of China. Professor Jafri expressed his strong desire to deepen the cooperation with JSNU before the end of the meeting.