2020 Seminar on co-sponsored “B&R Institute” held


In order to implement the requirements of 2020 New Think Tank Construction Conference of Jiangsu Province, accelerate the service ability of think tank and guarantee research work, the B&R Institute held 2020 Working Seminar and Discussion of Key Topic Selection on April 17. Over 20 attended the meeting, including Vice Chair of JSNU Council, Professor Cen Hong, leaders from the Office and Research Department of Xuzhou Municipal Government, experts of JSNU and all the staff of the institute.

At the first stage of the seminar, faculty of the institute briefly introduced some achievements of the institute in the past 2019 and 2020 working plan. Mr. Yu Hongliang, Vice General Secretary, Directorof the Office, the Speaker of the municipal government and executive vice director of the institute, Mr. Wu Jianxing, executive director of the institute, and relative comrades of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Discipline Development, and the International Office expressed their opinions and suggestions respectively. They pointed out that the institute should pay more attention on consultation, scientific research, international cooperation, team construction and inner management, so that it could improve its influence and fame among the country. The second stage of the conference, hosted by Mr. Wu Jianxing, focused on discussion and argument. Participants conducted deep discussion on 2020 researches.

At last, Professor Cen made the conclusion. “In recent years, the institute had achieved a lot of achievements in the form of consultation and had built a good image of think tank. It is obvious that it has made important contribution for our university,” she said, “This is the result achieved by various parties. In 2020, the institute should continue to focus on great realistic issues and improve the ability of precaution and forecasting in order to build our institute better.”

At present, our construction of think tankis turn to high quality improvement. This seminar at this key stage would heavily boost the development the B&R institute.