Great Success Scored In the 2017 MCM By Our Students


The result of the 2017 MCM(Mathematical Contest in Modeling) has been published.Our school wins 13 prizes including Meritorious Winner and Honorable Mention after two months of training and four days of competition. Following our great performance in 2015 and 2016, this time, our students have made a new breakthrough in quality and quantity.

This contest is special in its history with the most teams and participants, attracting seventeen thousand teams from renowned universities around the world such as Harvard University, California Institute of Technology, Duke University and Tsinghua University.

Our university pays high attention to the competition. Before the contest, the academic affairs division held a symposium to discuss the arrangements in details concerning the team players, coach team and pre-competition training. Our school assigns Master Wei Yongsheng and Liu Jiang as members of the coach team to train our students from the perspective of basic knowledge, skill practicing and actual drill. Ultimately,those outstanding players who are selected to represent our school achieve impressive results, which is also the great achievements made by the project of cultivation of creative and practical talents.