“Historical Construction of The Tradition of Chinese Literature” High-level Forum Held at Jiangsu Normal University


Recently, “Historical Construction of The Tradition of Chinese Literature” high-level forum was sponsored by the editorial office of Literary Heritage, our college of liberal arts, and Jiangsu’s preponderant disciplines, Chinese Language and Literature. More than 40 experts and scholars from research center and universities, such as Chinese Academy of Social Science, Chinese National Academy of Arts, Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Social Science,Peking University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Nankai University, Renmin University of China,Beijing Normal University,Sun Yat-sen University, Shandong University, Anhui University, Capital Normal University, Nanjing Normal University, Shanxi University, South China Normal University,South-central University For Nationalities, Hebei Normal University, Xidian University, Jiangsu Normal University, attended the forum.

Liu Yuejin, director of Institute of Literature of Chinese Academy of Social Science, Xu Fangming, Secretary of Party Committee of Jiangsu Normal University, and Li Changji, the leader of Ancient Chinese Literature, addressed at the openning ceremony respectively. Liu Yuejin advocated that in order to respond to Guidelines to Preserve Traditional Culture, we should take full consideration of the inheritance of traditional Chinese literature. This is how can excellent literary tradition be a positive foreground for current literature and culture.

On the historical construction of tradition of Chinese literature, scholars of ancient Chinese literature, of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature and from the literary and art circles gathered to have five discussions. Scholars put forward their own ideas on historical constructionand modern extension and transformation of tradition of Chinese literature from the macro to the micro, from the specific historical cases to the phenomenon of diachronic literature. They inspired each other, and debate with each other in a warm and frank atmosphere. Scholars also expressed that on issues such as connotation of Chinese literary tradition, the relationship between ancient literary tradition and modern and contemporary literature, the collision of Chinese and western exchange in the development of tradition of modern and contemporary literature, and the new ideas of contemporary Chinese literature on contemporary literature, we can see differences as well as similarities in a number of views and manner of speaking between Ancient literature studyModern and Contemporary Chinese Literature study and literary and art study, so mutual communication is not only important but interesting. They all agreed that the significance of the study of the historical construction of the tradition of Chinese literature not only focus on history, but also give priority to the present. The current research and discussion is far from enough. Some scholar excitedly advised conducting a dialogue concerning the composition and value of tradition of Chinese literature.

Professor Li Changji made a brief summary of the forum, and then Zhu Qing, deputy editor of Literary Heritage presided over the closing ceremony. Finally in a lively discussion, the forumcame to a close successfully.